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SmartLipo Laser Liposuction | How to Get Beach Ready

Table of Contents

A Few Small Tweaks Make All The Difference

Picture this: it’s suddenly May and your summer vacation you put off since 2019 is just two months away. You want to get swimsuit ready but you don’t know if there’s enough time to achieve this. What do you do?!

It’s been a stressful year for us all and we know how challenging it can be to achieve your dream body, especially when you only have a few months to do it. But it’s not too late! We have the perfect answer.

The minimally-invasive procedure SmartLipo can help you feel sexy and confident this Summer!

How SmartLipo Can Help You Get Swimsuit Ready

Unlike traditional liposuction procedures, with SmartLipo, you will experience less downtime. The minimal amount of downtime means that you will be swimsuit ready by the time your Summer vacation arrives!

SmartLipo will have you feeling confident and ready to rock a two-piece with your new slim and contoured physique. You will be proud to take pictures while on your vacation without having to wear a swimsuit coverup. Just take a look at our astounding SmartLipo before and after photos!

The men can benefit from this wondrous procedure too! SmartLipo is effective at removing unwanted fat from the male chest area, abs, and flanks. Which helps create a more toned look to the male physique.

So, What is SmartLipo?

SmartLipo is a laser device we use to perform lipolysis. It’s a minimally invasive alternative to the traditional liposuction procedure that can treat the abdomen, thighs, bra fat, flanks, arms, chin, and male chest.

The procedure removes stubborn fat, tightens skin, and brings the contours of your body to life!

How Does it Work

The marvelous thing about SmartLipo is that it causes minimal trauma to the surrounding tissue of the treatment area. We insert a narrow cannula with a laser fiber inside through a small puncture in the skin. Once under the skin, the laser goes to work to liquefy the unwanted fat cells. We then remove the fat cells by applying aspiration or suction.

The entire procedure is performed with local anesthesia, which helps numb the treatment area. Although, if a patient voices any concerns about being awake during the procedure, our Medical Director, Dr. Cox, can provide an oral sedative to relax you.

The removal of stubborn fat from particular areas of the body can help accentuate a patient’s natural contour. With SmartLipo, we can create a slim hourglass figure you will be proud to show off.

But the SmartLipo procedure doesn’t just remove unwanted fat; it tightens the surrounding skin! The laser delivers thermal heat, which causes a tightening effect when absorbed by the skin tissue in the treated area.

It’s Proven to be Safe and Effective

A study by a group of researchers also showed that laser lipolysis does not affect skin pigmentation. It is safe for all skin types, and we have produced exceptional results on patients from all around the world. We can also report that this procedure’s risk factor is low, and at WIFH, we have had zero adverse complications.

Here at WIFH, Dr. Cox uses the Triplex version of SmartLipo. It is the strongest and newest laser SmartLipo offers.

The Triplex version of SmartLipo allows the doctor to utilize up to three wavelengths of laser. The laser’s multiple wavelengths allow for the machine to penetrate deeper into the tissue and give you those stunning skin-tightening results.

The list of benefits SmartLipo has is endless! Not only will it make you look good – it will make you feel good.

How Much Does SmartLipo Cost

Here at WIFH, SmartLipo ranges in price depending on which areas of the body we treat and what it takes to achieve the patient’s desired results. The average price for the procedure costs anywhere from $2,000 to $12,000.

You can find out the exact price of the procedure by having a complimentary consultation. In the consultation, our doctor will assess the patient’s needs and how much their procedure will cost.

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer our patients the best SmartLipo deals. During the month of May, we are running a special for our patients.  When you book this month, you’ll get $500 off each treatment area!

Say Hello to Summer with SmartLipo!

Make your dream body a reality with SmartLipo! With our team of cosmetic surgery professionals, you can feel safe. Since we began offering SmartLipo in 2008, our team has performed over 10,000 procedures! We believe it is better than the traditional liposuction procedures.

We are committed to providing luxury services at affordable prices. That’s what makes us Georgia’s Most Trusted Name in SmartLipo.