Allergan Brilliant Distinctions Rewards Program

Brilliant Distinctions Rewards Program by Allergan

Want to earn points and receive rewards and discounts for products you already use? Of course you do! Join the Brilliant Distinction Rewards Program today to unlock your benefits and to start saving. What is Brilliant Distinctions? Brilliant Distinctions is a multi tiered program, the more points you earn the more perks you receive. At… Read more »

Skincare During Pregnancy

Skincare During Pregnancy: Best Products & Treatments

Among the many changes you experience during pregnancy, those to your skin can be at the top of the list of most frustrating. Some women who have been lucky enough to have clear skin their entire lives suddenly have frequent breakouts or cystic acne. Some find that their oily skin is now extremely dry, or… Read more »

Top 5 Cosmetic Treatments for Mother's Day

Our Top 5 Cosmetic Treatments That Mom Will Love

We all love our moms! Moms have the most selfless job around; they always put everyone else’s needs above their own. Mother’s Day is coming up on May 12th, so this is your chance to show your mom just how much you truly appreciate all she does. The best gifts for moms are the gifts… Read more »

Effective Ways to Treat Dry Skin on Your Face

3 Effective Ways to Treat Dry Skin on Your Face

People with dry, sensitive skin are usually leery of skin treatments for fear they will exacerbate their dryness. But that is simply not true. Skin treatments are not one size fits all and while some treatments may not be appropriate for those with dry sensitive skin there are still many options that are. Regardless of… Read more »

What Are The Best Anti-Aging Treatments for 2019?

What Are The Best Anti-Aging Treatments for 2019?

Aging is an inevitable process; we all age. However, anti-aging treatments give us the opportunity to maintain our youthful appearance much longer, allowing us to feel younger too! We’re all searching for the fountain of youth, but for now, we can settle for some great anti-aging treatments. As their name suggests, anti-aging products and procedures… Read more »

It’s time for a change: Winter Skincare Tips

In the warmer months, skin tends to be more oily, so many of us change up our products to help limit the oil production. Many people may switch to a different cleanser and/or use a more sheer moisturizer during warmer months. However, in the winter months, your skin needs more hydration, so you will want… Read more »

How to Choose the Right Med Spa Near Me

How to Choose the Right Med Spa Near You

If you are looking for a med spa for a specific treatment, you definitely want to keep certain criteria in mind. However, before even thinking about which med spa to choose, make sure you first know the difference between a day spa and a med spa. Day Spas vs. Med Spas Day spas and medical… Read more »

How Do You Take Care of Your Largest Organ?

How Do You Take Care of Your Largest Organ?

Your skin is the body’s largest organ. However, it is also the organ that takes the biggest beating and the last to get the nutrients from the foods we eat and drink. Other than trying to eat healthy and drink lots of water, we cannot really treat our skin from the inside. So, we have… Read more »

The Best Cosmetic Procedures for Aging Skin

Aging is inevitable, but if you’re like so many you’re looking to ward it off as long as possible. Lucky for you there are many ways to combat age. At WIFH, we offer a number of cosmetic procedures for aging skin, from facials and top-notch products to cosmetic fillers. There are so many options when… Read more »

Best Skin Tightening Procedures for Face & Neck

Are you looking for skin tightening procedures for the face and neck to make you look and feel your absolute best? There are many treatments that will tighten the skin. Some skin tightening procedures have downtime, though, like Micro-fractional CO2. Given the busy nature of the holiday season, if you are looking for a skin… Read more »