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Getting Dysport at WIFH Atlanta, Georgia

Getting Dysport® in Atlanta

Dysport® is an injection, much like Botox, that lessens the look of lines in the glabella, which is the space between your eyebrows. These lines go up toward the forehead from between the eyebrows and when you frown or squint, your glabella lines stand out more. Over time, glabellar lines can get worse even when you’re not doing much.

Dysport is meant for people with moderate to severe glabella lines, not people with mild lines. Here at WIFH, we can help you tell the difference between minor and moderate wrinkles to determine if Dysport is right for you.

What Are The Benefits of Dysport®?

Dysport does more than just make fine lines and wrinkles disappear, it can also be used as a prescription treatment for other conditions, such as excessive sweating. Below are the many benefits of Dysport:

  • Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Drastically reduces the appearance of Glabellar lines
  • Prevents formation of new wrinkles by temporarily freezing muscles
  • Gives immediate, natural-looking results
  • Can be used to treat excess sweating
  • Results last up to five months
What Are The Benefits Of Dysport
Preparing For Dysport

Preparing For Dysport®

It’s important to stay away from alcohol for 48 hours before treatment because it can make you more prone to bruising. Also, talk to your primary care doctor to find out if you should stop taking any supplements or medications that may cause bruising, such as aspirin, fish oil, and blood thinners, before treatment.

What To Expect From Dysport®

During the treatment, your physician may administer Dysport injections in five separate locations around your forehead and eyebrows. Your doctor may use a little quantity of topical anesthetic to prevent pain. You may feel some pressure from the injections, but the operation as a whole should not be painful or uncomfortable.

The actual treatment takes minutes. The majority of time spent in the doctor’s office is spent on preparation. After your Dysport injections are complete, you can go immediately unless you experience any adverse reactions.

What To Expect During Dysport Treatment
Dysport Recovery Time

Dysport® Recovery Time

You may return home immediately following Dysport injections. Although you may suffer minor side effects, there is essentially no required recovery time.

Two days following treatment, you may begin to observe benefits, which might last up to four months. 30 days after injection, a study of 104 individuals who received Dysport injections revealed an 88.5 percent success rate in the treatment of wrinkles. Since these effects are not permanent, you will require further injections every few months to keep a smooth forehead.

Avoid massaging the injection site, as this can raise your risk for adverse effects and the spread of the poison.

Dysport® Consultations

When contemplating medical care, we highly recommend first scheduling a consultation. Meeting with you for a consultation allows us to learn more about you and your goals. 

At your consultation, one of our expert injectors will help you determine how many units will best give you the results you want. We understand that your time is valuable, which is why we offer the option of combining your consultation and treatment into a single day.

Dysport Consultations

Dysport® FAQs

How Does Dysport® Work?

Dysport injections temporarily make wrinkles disappear by relaxing the muscles beneath the skin, and by doing so, the skin on top gets smoother.

Is Dysport® Dangerous?

These injections are an FDA-approved procedure and are perfectly safe when overseen by a doctor – even over years of use.

How Long Does Dysport® Last?

With Dysport, patients notice results within a couple of days, lasting between 3 and 4 months at a time.

How Often Could You Get Dysport®?

Each Dysport session is about an hour long, and follow-ups are every few months to maintain your desired results.

Does Dysport® Hurt?

Typically, no pain is felt during a Dysport procedure, but slight pain may be felt at the injection site after treatment.

What Are the Risks/Side Effects of Dysport®?

Minor side effects include:

  • Minor pain at injection site
  • Swelling around the eyelids
  • Rash and irritation
  • Headaches

These side effects typically resolve after a few days. However, some of the more serious side effects may include nausea, sinusitis, and upper respiratory infection. Call your doctor if you develop any of these side effects or if you have other side effects that worsen or don’t resolve on their own.

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