Hair Removal

Women’s Single Area Laser Hair Removal Packages

Price Includes 8-SessionsSale 30% OFF 
Abdomen (entire)$1,700 $1,190
Abdomen (lower)$1,425 $998
Arms (entire)$2,675 $1,873
Arms (3/4)$2,375 $1,663
Arms (lower)$1,450 $1,015
Back (includes shoulders)$2,495 $1,747
Bikini (any style) including happy-trail$1,520 $995
Nipples/Aerola$795 $557
Breasts$995 $697
Buttocks$1,720 $1,204
Chest (collar bone to breasts)$1,200 $840
Chin$995 $697
Face (entire)$1,600$995
Feet (both)$800 $560
Hands and Feet$1,000 $700
Hands (both)$800 $560
Happy Trail$900 $630
Legs (entire)$4,020 $2,814
Legs (lower)$2,520$1,764
Lip$795 $557
Neck (front or back)$1,100 $770
Neck (front AND back)$1,600 $1,120
Thighs (both)$2,700$1,890
Underarms$1,100$770 *or add to any package for $395


Men’s Single Area Laser Hair Removal Packages

Price Includes 8-Sessions Sale 30% OFF
Abdomen (entire)$2,300 $1,610
Abdomen (lower)$1,900$1,330
Arms (entire)$3,100 $2,170
Arms (3/4)$2,350$1,645
Arms (lower or upper)$1,700$1,190
Back-includes shoulders$3,325 $2,328
Beard (face and neck)$2,300 $1,610
Bikini (any style)$1,700 $1,190
Buttocks$2,050 $1,435
Ears (both)$900$630
Feet (both)$800 $560
Hands (both)$800 $560
Legs (entire)$4,400 $3,080
Legs (lower)$3,000$2,100
Neck (front or back)$1,100 $770
Neck (front AND back)$1,600$1,120
Thighs (both)$3,100$2,170


The Average Cost of Smartlipo

Body PartPrice Range*
Abdomen (includes: upper, middle, lower, sides and waistline$4,500-$7,500
Inner Thighs$3,600-$4,600
Outer Thighs or saddle bags$3,000-$4,500
Bra Fat$3,800-$4,800
Men’s Chest$3,900-$5,800

*This chart is not a complete list of the areas we can perform Smartlipo on; rather it is a list of our most popular areas. *This is simply a price range. For accurate pricing please schedule a consultation so that Dr. Cox can evaluate your particular case. *Custom pricing and discounts are extended when having multiple areas done. This will be determined during consultation.

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Cost of Cellulaze Treatments

The cost of Cellulaze is based per area. An area includes both thighs. For example: the backs of the thighs would include the right and left.

Number of AreasPrice
1st area of Cellulaze$3,995
discounts apply for additional areas
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SculpSure is priced per applicator. Each applicator is $250 and discounts are applied when purchased as areas or multi treatment packages. The number of applicators will also vary.

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First Procedure

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Tattoo Removal

All Packages include 10-sessions
Black Only TattoosTattoos with Color
X-Small 1″ x 1″ or Smaller
Small 1″ x 1″ – 2″ x 2″
Medium 2″ x 2″ – 4″ x 4″
Large 4″ x 4″ up to 8″ x 8″

*Tattoos larger than 8″ x 8″ will be provided customized package pricing

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Botox® & Dermal Fillers

Juvederm XC Volbella Voluma$550/syringe, Sale Price $495 $450/syringe, Sale Price $399 $800/syringe, Sale Price $700

Skin Procedures

Laser Skin Treatments and Packages

Single TreatmentSeries Pricing
CO2 Skin Resurfacing
Single Session$1,800Included a full size Obagi Nu-Derm kit for pre-treatment
Follow Up Session$1,200
Affirm Skin Rejuvenation
Single Session w/Face Tightening$250$1,600/series of 8
HydraFacial (basic)$199Basic HydraFacial (packages available)
HydraFacial (plus)$275Basic Plus (Packages available)
Dermaplaning$150Add-on to any treatment for $50
Microdermabrasion$150$375/series of 3

$700/series of 6

Oxygen Facial$250
SkinCeuticals Peels$150
VI Peel VI Peel Purify VI Peel Precision plus                       VI Peel Purify w/ Precision Plus$300 $300 $490$490
Microneedling w/growth factor$1400includes 4 treatments plus post procedure kit

Leg Veins

$495Follow up treatment $295
Facial Veins$295
Laser Facial for Rosacea$1,995/series of 5*
*includes 1 facial vessel treatment
IPL for Pigmented Lesions/Sun Damage/RosaceaIncludes 3 treatments 
Face, neck & chest$1,700