Body PartPrice Range
Abdomen (includes: upper, middle, lower, sides and waistline)$4,500-$7,500
Inner Thighs$3,600-$4,600
Outer Thighs or Saddle Bags$3,000-$4,500
Flanks / Love Handles$3,600-$4,200
Bra Fat$3,800-$4,800
Men’s Chest$3,900-$5,800


Number Of SessionsPrice Range
Two Areas & Two Sessions$1,995
SculpSure is priced per applicator. Each applicator is $250 and discounts are applied when purchased as areas or multi treatment packages. The number of applicators will also vary.

Men’s Laser Hair Removal Packages

Body PartPrice Includes 8-SessionsMarch 45% OFF
Abdomen (entire)$3,120$1,716
Abdomen (lower)$2,592$1,426
Arms (entire)$3,904$2,147
Arms (3/4)$3,184$1,751
Arms (lower or upper)$2,336$1,285
Back (includes shoulders)$3,648$2,006
Brazilian (Any Style)$2,336$1,285
Ears (Both)$1,160$638
Face and Neck$2,800$1,540
Feet (Both)$1,160$638
Hands (Both)$1,160$638
Legs (entire)$5,336$2,935
Legs (lower)$3,512$1,932
Neck (front or back)$1,760$968
Neck (front and back)$2,208$1,214
Thighs (Both)$3,640$2,002

Women’s Laser Hair Removal Packages

Body PartPrice Includes 8-SessionsMarch 45% OFF
Abdomen (entire)$2,236$1,285
Abdomen (lower)$1,968$1,082
Arms (entire)$3,376$1,857
Arms (3/4)$2,984$1,641
Arms (lower)$1,968$1,084
Back (includes shoulders)$3,120$1,716
Brazilian (any style) including happy-trail$1,872$995
Chest (collar bone to breasts)$1,424$783
Chest and Breasts$2,336$1,285
Face (entire)$1,872$995
Feet (both)$1,160$638
Hands and Feet$1,424$783
Hands (both)$1,160$638
Happy Trail$1,160$638
Legs (entire)$4,816$2,649
Legs (lower)$2,984$1,641
Neck (front or back)$1,544$849
Neck (front AND back)$2,208$1,214
Thighs (both)$3,368$1,852

Skin Care Treatments

Single TreatmentSale
SkinCeuticals Peels$150
Micropeel Add-on$30
Obagi Blue Radiance Peel$99
Dermaplaning$150Add-on to any treatment $50
VI Peel$300
VI Peel Purify $300
VI Peel Precision Plus$490
VI Peel Purify w/ Precision Plus$490
PRX Peel Single Session$300$250
PRX Peel 4-Pack$1,100

Laser Tattoo Removal

All Packages include 10-sessionsBlack Only TattoosTattoos with ColorMarch Special
X-Small 1″ x 1″ or Smaller$1,150$1,350B: $750 / C: 950
Small 1″ x 1″ – 2″ x 2″$1,350$1,500B: $950 / C: $1,100
Medium 2″ x 2″ – 4″ x 4″$1,700$2,200B: $1,300 / C: $1,800
Large 4″ x 4″ up to 8″ x 8″$2,500$3,200B: $2,100 / C: $2,800
* Price will vary depending on size and color for our November sale. Tattoos larger than 8″ x 8″ will be provided customized package pricing.

Lip & Dermal Fillers

Procedure/FillerPriceMarch Special
Botox & Dysport$13/unit Botox $12/Unit DysportBotox or Dysport- $8/unit *new patients, $11/unit existing patients
Juvederm Ultra$700/syringe (1ml)$600
Juvederm Ultra Plus$700/syringe (1ml)$600
Restylane-L$700/syringe (1ml)$600
Restylane Silk$700/syringe (1ml)$600
Restylane Refyne$700/syringe (1ml)$600
Restylane Defyne$700/syringe (1ml)$600
Kysse$700/syringe (1ml)$600
Sculptra$800/syringe (1ml)$700
Volbella$700/syringe (1ml)$600
Voluma$800/syringe (1ml)$700
Vollure$700/syringe (1ml)$600
Beletero$700/syringe (1ml)$600
Restylane Contour$700/syringe (1ml)$600
Restylane Lyft$800/syringe (1ml)$700
Volux$800/syringe (1ml)$700
Skinvive$650/treatment$550 or FREE with any Juvederm treatment in March
*All units must be used at same appointment; units purchased cannot be carried over.
*Also be sure to see other Juvederm products used for specific parts of the face, like Voluma and Volbella.


HydraFacial Price
HydraFacial 3 pack$725
HydraFacial (6 pack)$1,380
HydraFacial +$325
HydraFacial + (3 pack)$845
HydraFacial + (6 pack)$1,860
HydraFacial Eye Perk - Add On$50
HydraFacial Lip Perk - Add On$50
HydraFacial Neck & Decollete add-on$50
HydraFacial with Dermaplaning Add-on$300
HydraFacial + with Dermaplaning Add-on$375

Laser Facials

Laser FacialPrice
Laser Carbon Facial (4 pack)$1,000
Laser Carbon Facial SS$300
Laser Facial - 5 treatments$1,375
Laser Facial SS$300

IPL Packages

Body PartPrice
Extended Neck (3 pack)$200
Arms (full w/hands) (3 treatments)$1,650
Arms (full w/hands) (single)$550
Arms (lower w/hands) (3 treatments)$1,350
Chest (3 treatments)$825
Chest (single)$300
Chest, Upper Back & shoulders (3 treatments)$2,000
Face & Neck (3 treatments)$1,350
Face (3 treatments)$825
Face (single)$300
Face & Chest (3 treatments)$1,575
Face and Chest (single)$550
Face, Neck & Chest (3 treatments)$1,725
Face, Neck & Chest (Single)$600
Full Legs (3 treatments)$2,775
Full Legs (single)$950
Hands (3 treatments)$400
Hands (single)$175
Lower Legs (3 treatments)$1,425
Lower Legs (single)$500
Neck (3 treatments)$525
Neck (single)$200
Neck & Chest (3 treatments)$1,275
Neck & Chest (single)$450
Shoulder (3 treatments)$450
Thighs (3 treatments)$2,700
Upper Back (3 treatments)$1,050


ProcedurePriceMarch Special
miraDry Two Treatment Combo$4,300
miraDry Single Treatment $2,150$1,750
miraDry Same-Day Purchase$1,950

Microderm and Microneedling

MicrodermPriceMarch Special
Microderm (3 pack)$450
Microdoerm (6 pack)$900
Microderm - Single Treatment$175$150
Microderm - Back$750
Microderm - Back$500
Microneedling 4-Pack & IPL 3-Pack$2,130
Microneedling 4-Pack (face and neck)$1,500
Microneedling PRP (Face and Neck) SS$695
Microneedling PRP 4-Pack (Face and Neck)$2,400
Microneedling - Single TX$395
Microneedling - Face, Neck & Chest (4tx)$2,360
RF Microneedling - 4 Pack (Face and Neck) $2,900
RF + PRP Microneedling - 4 Pack (Face and Neck) $3,400
4-pack RF Microneedling (Face and Neck) + 3-pack IPL$4,125