Get Treatments. Earn Dollars. Enjoy Savings.

How It Works

No Sign-Up

Every WIFH patient is automatically enrolled in the rewards program, and starts earning on purchases and payments immediately. Every dollar spent enhances the next experience at WIFH.

Rack-Up Credits
On Every Purchase

Earn $4 in credits for every $250 you spend on WIFH services, products, or gift cards. These credits build towards significant savings on future services, making every visit satisfying and rewarding.

Get Exclusive Birthday

Celebrate your special day with more than just well wishes. As a WIFH patient, you receive an exclusive birthday offer redeemable anytime during your birth month. Treat yourself — you deserve it.

Earn Dollars for New Patient Referrals

Know someone who would love WIFH as much as you do? We provide a $25 referral credit for each new patient who starts treatment. The more you refer, the more credits you earn, boosting your rewards!

No-Hassle Rewards

Tracking your rewards is as straightforward as earning them. All rewards automatically accumulate and are posted directly to your patient account. They’re ready for you to use anytime.

Reward Dollars
Never Expire

Yep, you read that correctly. WIFH Reward Dollars have no expiration date and you can redeem them on future services whenever you want. Plan and save for services you want most.

Use Reward Dollars
On Special Offers

Your WIFH Reward Dollars offer flexibility. Combine them with special offers and promotions to maximize your savings. This means your dollars have more power with numerous spending options.

Redeem Rewards

Redeeming your WIFH Reward Dollars is as rewarding as earning them. Apply them towards any new purchase — whether it’s as a service, product, or gift card. Enjoy the ultimate WIFH experience.

WIFH Rewards Program FAQs

When can I start earning Reward Dollars?

Reward Dollars begin to accrue after the purchase of any new service or product starting May 13 2024.

Can I share my Reward Dollars with another person?

Reward Dollars are not transferable and cannot be given to another person.

Can I redeem or refund my Reward Dollars?

They cannot be redeemed for cash and are non-refundable.

Do my Reward Dollars expire?

Reward Dollars never expire and can be used for any future purchases.

Can I earn Rewards Dollars with a Gift Card purchase?

Reward dollars are earned once your gift card has been redeemed.

Can I use Reward Dollars along with/on top of a promotion or special offer?

Reward dollars can be used in combination with specials or promotions.

Can I earn Reward Dollars from a previous visit to WIFH?

Reward dollars are not retroactive, they cannot be given from previous purchases. The program launched May 13, 2024.

What is the value of a Reward Dollar based on?

Rewards dollars are based on the “net” payment (after discounts applied).

Do I have to use all of my Reward Dollars at once?

Patients do not have to use all their reward dollars at once, they can select a certain amount to use towards their purchase.

Can I use my Reward Dollars the same day I accrue them?

Reward Dollars can be used on future purchases only.

Can I use my Reward Dollars towards an online purchase?

Our online store is not set-up for redeeming Reward Dollars. Please call our office if you would like to purchase a product using your Rewards Dollars.