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How Often Should You Get HydraFacial™?

Table of Contents

Patients often wonder how often they can get a HydraFacial. This treatment is so relaxing yet therapeutic, most want to have it done as often as they can. But is there a sweet spot in terms of frequency, or do people experience a plateau effect with their results? Never fear. We are here to shed some light on how often you should get HydraFacial and what we suggest at WIFH.

Individual Skincare Needs

Like most skincare treatments, HydraFacial should be utilized to meet your specific skincare needs and goals. That’s why we offer free consultations to assess individual skin issues and concerns. The frequency of when to get a HydraFacial varies and is based on skin type, skin condition and the goals you have for your skin.

For instance, some patients use HydraFacial just for seasonal transitions like from summer to fall. Others use it before special events when they want look their best. Still others come monthly to maintain the healthy glow of their skin.

When to Schedule a Series of HydraFacial Treatments

If you are starting a skin care regimen for the first time or coming off of a long hiatus, or if you are working to correct a skin issue such as acne, scarring, or pigmentation, then we would recommend a series of treatments to get your skin in shape. Ideally you should come in for treatment once every two weeks. Once your skin is in a good place, you could then go on a maintenance program of one HydraFacial a month.

How Often Should You Get HydraFacial For Maximum Effectiveness?

Keep in mind, the results of HydraFacial are cumulative, so the more you come in the better your skin will look and feel. Another important point any good aesthetician would make is that HydraFacial should be done in conjunction with good skin care products that are recommended by your skin care professional. Without pairing good at-home skincare products with the HydraFacial, the treatment will not be as effective, and you might not be as happy with the results.

Visit WIFH for Your Free HydraFacial Consultation!

Come to WIFH for your free consultation to find out how your skin could benefit from HydraFacial and how often you will need to come for treatment to meet you skin care goals. HydraFacial is a great treatment for addressing congested or acne prone skin, dry skin, pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles. HydraFacial is perfect for all skin types! Find out how HydraFacial could help your skin by calling or visiting us at WIFH. We would love to address your specific skincare needs.