7 Amazing Benefits of Oxygen Facials

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Published on Jan 19, 2021 By: WIFH Staff

What You Need to Know About Oxygen Facial Benefits

To get glowing skin, you can’t rely on an overnight miracle. It takes commitment and ongoing attention to achieve healthy, beautiful skin. Luckily, our Oxygen Facial helps you do just that. So, what is an oxygen facial treatment and what exactly does it do?

Keep reading to learn how we can help you say goodbye to dull, lifeless skin. Today, WIFH is talking about the benefits of oxygen facials. Let’s glow!

An Overview on Oxygen Facials

  • Your skin cells need oxygen to stay healthy and nourished. Our oxygen facial infuses your skin with medical grade oxygen to instantly make it appear plump and glowing!
  • Oxygen Facials are safe for all skin tones and types. At WIFH, we use the Karin Herzog brand of oxygen-based products.
  • Oxygen gives a collagen boost to your skin, making the texture feel smoother as well as firmer.
  • Oxygen is crucial for cell regeneration and this treatment speeds cell turnover and new growth. The result? Radiant skin!
  • It’s a great option if you are getting ready for an upcoming special event as well.

What Is an Oxygen Facial?

An Oxygen Facial treatment is designed to promote collagen, speed cell turnover, and nourish skin. Oxygen helps to kill bacteria, repair damaged skin cells, hydrate, and brighten, while reducing redness and decongesting pores. The procedure involves a machine that sprays highly concentrated molecules of oxygen directly into the outer layer of your skin which is called the epidermis.

Oxygen Facials treat dull skin, breakouts, and visibly aging skin. Our skincare experts combine medical-grade chemical peels, a detoxifying, age-fighting oxygen wrap, thorough extractions, and custom masks and serums, topped off with a stream of vitamin-infused, medical-grade oxygen.

Oxygen Facials are safe for all skin tones and types. Every Oxygen Facial includes extractions (if needed), and you will see immediate results. At WIFH, we use the Karin Herzog brand of oxygen-based products.

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Benefits of Getting an Oxygen Facial

With the blast of essential nutrients, it’s clear that oxygen facials have a lot of benefits. Let’s take a look!

Boosts Collagen Production

Collagen is what makes the cells stick together, which gives your skin more strength and elasticity. As we age, the collagen weakens and wrinkles appear.

One of the main benefits of oxygen facial treatment is the collagen boost it gives skin. Leaving it firm while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Speeds Up Skin Cell Turnover

Did you know our skin cells have a limited lifetime? When they die, new cells replace them.

Oxygen is crucial for skin cell regeneration; it increases new cell growth rate. This, in turn, helps in acne scar healing.

Having an oxygen facial gives your skin an extra dose of oxygen and results in faster cell turnover.

Moisturizes Skin

Over time, exposure to the sun, dust, and pollution in the air can rob your skin of its natural moisture. Leaving it extremely dull, dry, and lifeless.

If you have dry skin naturally, these issues only make things worse. An oxygen facial deeply moisturizes skin, restoring pH balance.

Skin Detox

Oxygen facial treatment detoxifies your skin. The combination of oxygen and vitamins infused in it boosts your skin’s health. Patients like that this procedure negates the effects of pollution, sun exposure, and even the impact of your diet on your skin cells. Plus, it helps repair and regenerate skin cells.

Makes Your Skin Radiant

Get ready to hear that you’re glowing! This facial removes impurities from the epidermis and boosts overall oxygen content. The treatment also removes dead skin cells and decongests the pores.

Heals Acne-Prone Skin

Oxygen facials help acne-prone, congested skin. How? The oxygen cream helps to soften debris within your pores making the extraction process of the facial easier, the oxygen also cleanses the pore. Acne is caused by clogged skin cells that trap dirt and oil, causing the pores to get enlarged.

An oxygen facial helps by cleansing the pore (and the congestion & blackheads present). After treatment, you’ll notice your skin remains glowing longer, and that pimples, zits, and acne are minimized.

How Does The Oxygen Facial Work?

The oxygen applied during the treatment to your face and neck is infused with nutrients, essential vitamins, minerals, and botanical extracts. These elements combined with the oxygen molecules leaves you with smoother, more radiant skin.

This procedure is especially gentle on skin and doesn’t cause irritation, redness, swelling, stinging, and/or burning sensations. Remember: Oxygen Facials are great for all skin types and those with sensitive skin or avoiding chemical beauty treatments.  At WIFH, we customize your oxygen facial w/ a chemical peel chosen based on your skin type.

Our oxygen facial skin treatment process:

  • Each of our oxygen facials begins with a thorough cleanse and exfoliation. The exfoliation step depends on your skin’s specific needs and varies from dermaplaning to a customized chemical peel.
  • Following exfoliation, a stabilized active oxygen pack is applied to soften the skin and debris within your pores. The oxygen cream essentially creates a vacuum effect, pushing debris, bacteria, and any pore congestion to the surface, prepping the skin for the next step of extractions.
  • While we all need extractions from time to time, for some, they can be painful and uncomfortable and leave skin red and marked. Extractions during an oxygen facial, however, are effortless and comfortable. Active oxygen gives us the ability to thoroughly decongest pores, leaving them clearer & cleaner. The natural antiseptic properties of the oxygen also prevent post-facial breakouts.
  • After extractions, your skincare specialist applies soothing facial oils and serums and then a mask. Following the mask, we spray a stream of vitamin-infused, medical-grade oxygen to reveal your beautiful, smooth, polished, and flawless skin!

You’ll find that this facial is very relaxing and pain-free. While we do perform extractions, the oxygen cream loosens all the debris in the pores making these effortless.

You can have an oxygen facial as often as every 2 weeks; it’s the perfect periodic facial to keep your pores clean and skin bright. An Oxygen Facial also pairs well with dermaplaning. During your custom consultation, we’ll talk about all of the treatments you’re interested in and what will help you achieve the results you need for your unique skin care needs.

Treat Yourself to an Oxygen Facial

You may think it’s a miracle treatment as many patients notice immediate results after their oxygen facial. Treat yourself to the benefits of healing acne, fine lines and wrinkles, and blemishes all while making your skin more youthful-looking.

At WIFH near Atlanta, GA we love our patients to leave here absolutely glowing with new confidence. You’ll love how your skin looks and feels after a clarifying oxygen facial. Call our med spa near you today or reserve an appointment online. We can’t wait to make you feel great!

Sarah Richardson, LME

Sarah Richardson is WIFH’s Lead Medical Aesthetician and manages the skincare side of our practice. She is also an Assistant Cosmetic Laser Practitioner licensed by the Georgia Medical Composite Board. With over 16 years of skin care experience, Sarah specializes in creating customized treatment plans to address our patients’ individualized needs. Through a combination of clinical facials and aesthetic procedures, as well as scientifically effective skin care products, Sarah helps patients achieve a healthy, radiant, and glowing complexion. She is truly passionate about what she does and loves to educate others who are looking to improve their skin’s health.