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It’s time for a change: Winter Skincare Tips

Table of Contents

Published on Dec 27, 2018 By: WIFH Staff

In the warmer months, skin tends to be more oily, so many of us change up our products to help limit the oil production. Many people may switch to a different cleanser and/or use a more sheer moisturizer during warmer months.

However, in the winter months, your skin needs more hydration, so you will want to change up your skincare routine to allow your skin to get the moisture it needs to make up for the drier and colder weather.

Winter Skincare For Dry Skin

People with dry skin types should add an oil-based moisturizer like Triple Lipid from SkinCeuticals or a facial oil such as the Karin Herzog Vita-a-Kombi Oil.

Winter Skincare For Oily Skin

People with oily skin types should also moisturize, but you won’t need something as heavy as those with drier skin types. A water-based moisturizer or serum with hyaluronic acid should provide enough moisture to keep your skin hydrated. Examples of water-based moisturizers we recommend at WIFH are: Hydra-Cool Serum from iS Clinical, or the Retexturing Activator or Metacell Renewal, which are both by SkinCeuticals.

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More Winter Skincare Tips

  • Be careful not to over exfoliate in winter, and don’t wash your face in hot water! Hot water will strip your skin, making it drier, more irritated, and more prone to breakouts.
  • Even though it might be winter, do not forget to wear SPF every day, rain or shine. Your skin is always vulnerable to damage from the sun’s rays regardless of the season.
  • Winter is a good time to add a mask to your routine, like the Photo-Corrective Masque from SkinCeuticals, to calm, soften, and hydrate your skin.
  • If retinols and tretinoin tend to dry you out in the winter, try switching to Vita-a-Kombi oil by Karin Herzog (retinol) or Obagi Tretinoin .05% Gel, these contains hyaluronic acid. The hyaluronic acid will help prevent dryness and irritation while still providing your skin the exfoliation it needs.

No matter what skin type you have, make sure to be kind to your skin in the winter months! If you need help finding the right products or treatments for your specific skin type, you can always call or visit WIFH for a free consultation and speak to one of our medical skincare professionals.

Sarah Richardson, LME

Sarah Richardson is WIFH’s Lead Medical Aesthetician and manages the skincare side of our practice. She is also an Assistant Cosmetic Laser Practitioner licensed by the Georgia Medical Composite Board. With over 16 years of skin care experience, Sarah specializes in creating customized treatment plans to address our patients’ individualized needs. Through a combination of clinical facials and aesthetic procedures, as well as scientifically effective skin care products, Sarah helps patients achieve a healthy, radiant, and glowing complexion. She is truly passionate about what she does and loves to educate others who are looking to improve their skin’s health.