Best Skin Peel Cosmedix vs VI Peel

Peels can be described as any exfoliating procedure that produces a post-procedure peeling effect on the skin, though there are different depths of peels. Some cause the skin to actually peel while others do not. The common goal of all peels is to rejuvenate the skin. The three common categories of peels are: Superficial, Medium,… Read more »

Micro Fractional CO2 Atlanta

Though Micro Fractional cO2 is likely the most effective skin resurfacing procedure, yielding amazing results, it is not right for everyone. It does a great job at correcting large pores, sun damage, acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles. Sound interesting? Micro Fractional cO2 might be the perfect procedure to rejuvenate your skin, but there are… Read more »

Top Reasons to Get Laser Hair Removal

Why undergo a laser process to remove your unwanted hair? After all, you have other options. You can shave, use depilatories, wax, or wear clothing that covers your hairy regions. You can even purchase at-home lasering systems, too. So why put yourself through the potential discomfort, incur the cost, and spend the time frequenting a… Read more »

Reasons Why We Love SculpSure

In past decades, the best way to remove stubborn deposits of fat in problem areas of your body was to undergo traditional liposuction. Today, the options are just as effective, but less invasive. SculpSure is one of those options, a state-of-the-art contouring procedure that we love because it reduces fat, contours the body, offers zero… Read more »

The Truth About Cellulite

You hate those little dimples on your thighs and butt, which appear to give your body the texture of cottage cheese, or an orange peel, or hail damage on your car. How did you get cellulite, anyway? And how do you get rid of it? Cellulite Also called adiposis edematosa, cellulite is basically a skin… Read more »

Fact or Fiction Unpacking Laser Hair Removal Myths

Do you know the truth about laser hair removal? Here’s the real deal about this popular procedure. Myth: Laser hair removal is painful, and can cause skin damage. Fact: Today’s lasers are much more advanced and focused than they used to be, so the pain is tolerable. Some lasers use cooling or suction to reduce… Read more »

Be Our Guest Travelling Patients_v1

Our services are in such high demand because of Dr. Kulkin’s acclaimed expertise and skill, we have a large number of patients who travel from other states and other countries to have their laser cosmetic procedures done here at WIFH. We’ve developed a winning strategy for visiting patients to get the most out of their time… Read more »

Body Contouring SculpSure Atlanta GA

Because SculpSure provides results in just one treatment of 25 minutes, with no downtime, it’s never too late to get non-invasive body contouring that will have you looking better and feeling great. If you’re having trouble with losing those last stubborn fat deposits, SculpSure can help. This non-surgical FDA-approved process utilizes a hyperthermic device to… Read more »

Morning Skincare Routine

No matter your age or skin type, you need an effective morning routine that’s convenient enough for you to do every day. The right morning routine, with products that work for you, will protect your skin from the elements, encourage the growth of new skin, and brighten your complexion. All skin types (normal) Start by… Read more »