Botox® FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 ) How does Botox® work?

Botox® works by shutting down the neurotransmitters to the muscles, temporarily reducing the movement. Without movement the lines and wrinkles are not as prominent and, in many cases go away.


Q2 ) Does Botox® hurt?

No. The needles used to administer Botox are very tiny. You may feel a small prick when it enters the skin, but the treatment is quick and comfortable. No numbing is required for this treatment.


Q3 ) How long does Botox® last?

Botox can last 3-4 months. Some patients report it lasting longer. The duration may depend on how long you have been using Botox, the number of units you use and how quickly your body metabolizes the product.


Q4 ) Are the procedures covered by insurance?

Botox is not typically covered by insurance as it is a cosmetic and elective procedure.


Q5 ) How do I know if I’m a candidate for Botox®?

Most people are candidates for Botox if they have lines and wrinkles on the forehead, between the brow or crow’s feet.


Q6 ) Will I be numb or will my face be frozen?

Botox treatments are completely customizable based on how much or how little movement you would like to have. You do not have to have a frozen face. The more Botox you inject in an area the less movement you will have. Be sure to communicate the look you are after to your injector so that they can customize the appropriate dose.


Q7 ) Does Botox® have side effects?

Botox is a very safe procedure and complications are rare, even still you want an experienced injector when selecting a Botox provider.

Since a needle is being inserted in the skin there is always the risk of bruising. They are typically very tiny and easily covered up by make-up. Some patients may experience a headache afterward, but this is temporary. Having your forehead injected can make it feel heavy the first time you have it done. Often this heaviness is confused with ptosis which is the drooping of the upper eyelid. While ptosis can occur, this is very rare, as are all of the side effects. If you were to experience heaviness or a ptosis it typically resolves on its own within 2 weeks after being injected. Should you experience ptosis a prescription eye drop can be given to speed up resolution. None of these things are permanent and usually correct themselves very quickly. They also have very low occurrence rates.


Q8 ) Is Botox® dangerous?

There are safety concerns and side effects that come with any medication, and that includes Botox®. While there are side effects that you can read about below, Botox® injections are an FDA-approved procedure, and are perfectly safe when overseen by a doctor – even over years of use.


Q9 ) How often should you get Botox®?

As often as we get this question, there is no hard and fast timeline for Botox®. The more units of Botox® you have injected, the longer it will last. Each person’s body metabolizes it differently, which is also a factor in how long Botox® will last – and how often you choose to get it.