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Laser Hair Removal Review by Megan Elliot

Table of Contents

While most our laser hair removal clients are happy with their treatments, few go to such lengths to write in-depth and inspiring reviews. Professional blogger, Megan Elliot, described her laser hair removal experience at WIFH on her blog Lush to Blush

atlanta laser hair removal testimonial
Megan Elliott

Initially apprehensive about the laser hair removal treatment, Megan decided to go all-in with a few different laser treatments offered at WIFH (also opting for laser tattoo removal.) Recapping her laser hair removal experience with WIFH, Megan writes on her blog:

“I’ve only had 6 sessions and I shave my armpits maybe once every couple weeks. I noticed a reduction in hair growth after every single session. It’s awesome to see results right away! Totally did not expect that.”

And debunking a common misconception about how painful the treatment can be, Megan adds:

“As for the pain, it is a little painful, but totally bearable.”

At WIFH, we express our gratitude for the wonderful testimonial and write-up that Megan features here on her blog. Visit to learn more about Megan Elliot. Or if you’re interested in learning more about our laser hair removal services in Atlanta, request a consultation by visiting our contact us page or by calling 404.832.0300.