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Excessive Underarm Sweating? Find Out How Much miraDry® Cost and How it can Help You

Table of Contents

Do you struggle with overactive sweat glands? Are you already dreading the hot Summer season in Atlanta because of it? miraDry® may be able to help you. We will answer your burning questions like “how much can miraDry® cost?” and “how can it help me lead a less stressful life?”

How miraDry® Can Help You Live a Better Life

Having overactive sweat glands is a recipe for significant inconveniences. It can also cause sufferers to feel extreme embarrassment.

Keep reading if you can identify with the following embarrassing and inconvenient experiences…

  • Have you ever felt like you had to keep your suit jacket on during a long meeting out of fear that you might have visible sweat stains? 
  • Do you refuse to wear light-colored clothing because you know that your sweat will start to show by the middle of the day? 
  • Have you ever gone as far as to bring a change of clothes with you to work or an event?
  • Or do you feel uncomfortable hugging people at social events knowing you might have sweaty or odorous  underarms?

miraDry® was made, so people no longer had to worry about any of these embarrassing situations.

This miracle procedure helps give people their confidence and comfort back.

After the miraDry® procedure, you can feel safe and secure knowing you won’t have to change your shirt by noon.

What is miraDry®

In simple terms, miraDry® is the answer to all of your underarm sweat and odor woes.

To be more specific, miraDry® is a non-invasive procedure that can help patients who suffer from overactive underarm sweat glands. It’s also a great cost-effective option – many patients only require one round of treatment.

Before miraDry® was on the market, people had to rely on temporary treatments such as topical creams and Botox® treatments for sweating.

miraDry® is a long-lasting solution to excessive underarm sweating. Online miraDry® reviews show patients seeing up to an 89% decrease in underarm sweating!

How Does it Work?

miraDry®’s FDA-approved technology uses microwave energy to destroy the apocrine and eccrine glands beneath the skin. The microwave energy is applied using a handpiece that delivers it in timed increments.

After the practitioner completes the procedure, the patient will then be required to apply ice packs to the underarm area. The ice packs should remain under the arms on and off for 24 hours.

A majority of patients experience temporary swelling and tenderness following the treatment. They will also begin to notice an immediate reduction in underarm sweat.

Patients can expect the final results three months post-treatment.

Both apocrine and eccrine glands cause sweat and subsequent odor beneath the arms. But once the procedure destroys the glands, they can not reform in adults, leaving your underarms significantly less sweaty.

Patients can lay their worry to rest when it comes to any compensatory sweating. Only 2% of the body’s sweat glands are found in the underarm, which leaves plenty of glands available to cool the body.

The goal of miraDry® is not to stop the body from sweating completely. It’s to help people who suffer from excessive underarm sweating. 

Is it Safe?

Potential patients will also be happy to know that the miraDry® procedure is reasonably low risk.

miraDry® has reported that the procedure has been performed over 150,000 times worldwide and is shown to be safe and effective.

Some of the most common side effects include local swelling that can last up to three weeks and temporary sensation changes. The sensation changes can occur in the forms of numbness or tingling.

How Much Does miraDry® Cost?

One of the best things about the miraDry® procedure is that most patients will only need to receive one treatment, making it cost-effective. Although, those who suffer from more severe underarm sweating may need a second treatment to see optimal results. No worries though -the price is reduced!

At WIFH, a one-time treatment of miraDry® costs $2,650. If our patients require a second treatment, we significantly reduce the price— a follow-up treatment of miraDry® costs $995. 

We do occasionally run specials on this treatment, and for the month of May, we are now offering your first treatment for just $1,950!

Here at WIFH, we commit ourselves to offering our patients quality services at affordable prices.

Get Ready to Beat the Heat with miraDry

Say goodbye to embarrassing sweat stains and odor this Atlanta summer by getting a miraDry® treatment. Our team of cosmetic practitioners  is here to help bring you confidence and comfort.

If you have more questions regarding miraDry®, check out our FAQs, or contact us @ 404-832-0300 to book a complimentary consultation.