Protecting Your Skin from the Sun

Though the sun provides us with vitamin D and other beneficial nutrients, it can also harm us with ultraviolet rays. UVA rays from the sun can damage skin, put you at risk for cancer, and age you prematurely if we don’t take precautions, and UVB rays can burn you. What UV Light Can Do To… Read more »

Is Tretinoin the Fountain of Youth for Your Skin?

Looking and feeling young is important to most people and it seems everyone is searching for that fountain of youth. A topical Tretinoin skin cream maybe as close as you can get, for now. Tretinoin (also referred to as a retinoid) is a Vitamin A derivative. These topical treatments were first used to treat acne,… Read more »

The Gentile Reptile: Melissa’s Experience With Perfect Peel

The following is a narrative by WIFH Practice Manager Melissa Gatewood as she chronicles her experience with the Perfect Peel. Day One: “I don’t think peels are right for me.” I said this as I stared at my reflection in my bathroom mirror. It was 3:00am. I just woke up because the ice pack I… Read more »