miraDry vs Botox

If you suffer from excessive underarm sweat, also known as hyperhydrosis, you might have considered either Botox or miraDry to alleviate the issue and finally live sweat-free. However, you might have also considered the difference in cost (in the short and long term) and wondered which option you should choose. WIFH is here to help… Read more »

still sweating miradry is the answer

Do you experience an unusual amount of sweating and odor that disrupts your life? If you suffer from embarrassing excessive sweating and smell, even in these colder months, you could benefit from miraDry. You might sweat too much if a five-minute workout leaves you dripping wet or you sweat excessively in mild temperatures while at… Read more »

why miradry

miraDry is a non-invasive, FDA-approved device designed to eliminate underarm sweat and odor. It targets sweat glands using microwave energy eliminating them. Additionally, once destroyed these glands do not regenerate, meaning they do not grow back. So why should you even consider a process like this for something that everyone experiences, to some degree? The… Read more »

why miradry

If you’re reading this you might be one of the 7.8 million people in the U.S that suffer from axillary hyperhidrosis (underarm sweating). Or maybe it’s body odor you struggle to control.  Perhaps it’s both.  These conditions aren’t just a nuisance; they’re debilitating to those that have to deal with this on a daily basis…. Read more »

Men Love miraDry

Some cosmetic procedures are especially perfect for men, and miraDry is one of them, although many consider it more therapeutic rather than cosmetic. miraDry is the miracle cure for excessive underarm sweat and odor, and this problem often plagues men. No one wants to be in a business meeting, presentation, interview or intimate encounter only… Read more »

miraDry Ultra Comfort Technology at WIFH

miraDry®: What is Ultra Comfort Technology? For people who suffer from excessive underarm sweat and odor, miraDry® is a game changer. This procedure has given confidence to people who had social anxiety as a result of their sweating issue, and has made life more comfortable for them on a daily basis. miraDry® is safe, clinically… Read more »

The Miracle of miraDry

If you sweat a lot under your arms, you may be familiar with feelings of embarrassment and anxiety as a result. There’s a name for this condition – axillary hyperhidrosis. While it seems like it might be a petty concern, hyperhidrosis can limit your professional, physical and social activities and lower your confidence as well… Read more »


This year, WIFH staff members curated the WIFH holiday specials based on their favorite products and services. Find out why they love the products and services they chose! Lindsay: I want clients to be able to experience Voluma because I use it and I love it! It’s a cheek filler that lasts for two years… Read more »

Do you have excessive underarm sweating? Do you suffer from underarm odor? Have you ruined clothes because of your underarm sweating? Tired of ruining black with your white deodorant? Do you frequently reapply deodorants and antiperspirants? Would you rather not have to apply topical chemicals like deodorants and antiperspirants? Tried prescription antiperspirants or even injections… Read more »