miraDry® for Feet and Hands

At WIFH we are treating underarm hyperhidrosis with miraDry® with amazing success. We are able to reduce sweating in the underarm area between 70 to 90 percent with only one treatment.

Because of this success we are frequently asked if we can treat hyperhidrosis of the hands and feet with miraDry® as well. The quick and short answer is not yet, but let us explain.

miraDry® is currently only FDA approved to treat hyperhidrosis of the underarms, and the current miraDry® hand-piece is specifically designed to fit against and apply light suction to the skin in the underarm area. However, since the shape and the skin texture on the hands and feet are much different from that of the underarm, the current design does not allow for adequate suction and prevents an effective treatment of the hands and feet.

So, Can One Get miraDry® for Hands & Feet?

Unlike the underarms, the hands and feet have vital structures that are too close to the skin, which leaves them especially vulnerable to injury, including arteries, nerves, tendons, and blood vessels.

These structures are closer to the surface of the skin on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet than they are in the underarms and could become damaged if we were to perform miraDry® there with its current design.

For now, other treatment options available for excessive sweating in the hands and feet include topical medications, oral medications, surgery, and Botox® injections.

While we do not have access to proper technology to address these areas as of now, BUT rumor has it that miraDry® may soon be able to treat hyperhidrosis of the hands and feet.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that these rumors of Miramar Labs, makers of miraDry®, are currently working on a new device to effectively treat hands and feet. We will let you know when and if this technology becomes available. Until then, we will all have to patiently wait for its release and a real solution for soggy hands and feet.