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About Laser Hair Removal

Smartlipo for Arms

Arms are a problem area for so many. Larger arms can be a result of body type, genetics or weight. It also doesn’t help that as we age the skin on the arm tends to thin and sag.

One of the primary benefits of Smartlipo is that, while the last melts fat, it also heats and tightens the skin.

How It Works

Smartlipo for the Abdomen

If you’re having trouble losing belly fat, you’re not alone. Fat on the abdomen area is the most stubborn and difficult to lose for most people — both women and men. Even with diet and exercise, stubborn belly fat can seem nearly impossible to lose.

If you’re still struggling to lose belly fat, rather than throw in the towel and give up you might consider a non-invasive fat reduction procedure like Smartlipo.

Risks & Side Effects

Smartlipo for Bra Fat

The dreaded bra bulge. It can make wearing fitted shirts impossible. Why fat accumulates there is anyone’s guess, but it’s challenging to get rid of to say the least. Reducing this area with Smartlipo greatly reduces the circumference of the mid back, helping to define your waistline and hips.

Smartlipo for the Chin

Reducing the appearance of submental fullness, more commonly known as “double chin” is one of the most popular applications for Smartlipo. Submental fat can develop under the chin area due to weight gain or aging. It is common for patients who are in good health, within 20-25 pounds of their ideal weight, to develop the appearance of submental fullness under the chin, even when adhering to consistent diet and exercise.
What To Expect

Smartlipo for Flanks

Often called “Love Handles,” Flanks are to the areas of fat on the lower back — particularly the fatty deposits on either side of the spine that often create a spill-over effect. This area can be harder to shape with age. Reducing the size of the flanks with Smartlipo makes a big impact on the shape and contour of the waistline.
Recovery & Aftercare

Smartlipo for Inner Thighs

The inner thighs are a pesky problem. They eat your shorts and can cause you to experience uncomfortable chafing. You do endless exercise in hopes of achieving a thigh gap, but most come up short. Inner thighs are a delicate area to sculpt with liposuction, it takes precision. Smartlipo does a superb job at reducing the fat in the inner thighs while tightening the skin.
Patient Consultations

Smartlipo for Outer Thighs

The area dubbed the “saddlebags” refers to the extra fat that accumulates around the lateral thigh or outer thigh area.

Many people have trouble with this area, and it can oftentimes be caused by a person’s genetics. This area responds really well to Smartlipo and makes all the difference in shape of your legs.

Lipo 360

Smartlipo 360

SmartLipo 360 is a laser liposuction procedure that encompasses the midsection of the body, which includes the flanks, abdomen, and lower back areas. Completing this procedure 360 degrees around can help create a more natural-looking and balanced “hourglass” appearance.

Experience the WIFH Difference

WIFH believes it is critical for anyone considering laser hair removal to personally meet with the provider who will be performing the procedures. For this reason, our patients have a personal consultation with one of our experienced Certified Laser Practitioners to discuss goals and assess the patient’s skin, before making a treatment recommendation.

Laser Hair Removal Before & After Photos

Cost of Laser Hair Removal in Atlanta

Women’s Laser Hair Removal Packages

Body Part8-Sessions PriceJune 30% OFF
Abdomen (entire)$2,236$1,635
Abdomen (lower)$1,968$1,378
Arms (entire)$3,376$2,363
Arms (3/4)$2,984$2,079
Arms (lower)$1,968$1,378
Back (includes shoulders)$3,120$2,184
Brazilian (any style) including happy-trail$1,872$999
Chest (collar bone to breasts)$1,424$997
Chest and Breasts$2,336$1,635
Face (entire)$1,872$999
Feet (both)$1,160$812
Hands and Feet$1,424$997
Hands (both)$1,160$812
Happy Trail$1,160$812
Legs (entire)$4,816$3,371
Legs (lower)$2,984$2,089
Neck (front or back)$1,544$1,081
Neck (front AND back)$2,208$1,546
Thighs (both)$3,368$2,358

Men’s Laser Hair Removal Packages

Body Part8-Sessions PriceJune 30% OFF
Abdomen (entire)$3,120$2,184
Abdomen (lower)$2,592$1,814
Arms (entire)$3,904$2,733
Arms (3/4)$3,184$2,229
Arms (lower or upper)$2,336$1,635
Back (includes shoulders)$3,648$2,554
Brazilian (Any Style)$2,336$1,635
Ears (Both)$1,160$812
Face and Neck$2,800$1,960
Feet (Both)$1,160$812
Hands (Both)$1,160$812
Legs (entire)$5,336$3,735
Legs (lower)$3,512$2,458
Neck (front or back)$1,760$1,232
Neck (front and back)$2,208$1,546
Thighs (Both)$3,640$2,548

Cost of Smartlipo

Body PartPrice Range
Abdomen (includes: upper, middle, lower, sides and waistline)$4,500-$7,500
Inner Thighs$3,600-$4,600
Outer Thighs or Saddle Bags$3,000-$4,500
Flanks / Love Handles$3,600-$4,200
Bra Fat$3,800-$4,800
Men’s Chest$3,900-$5,800

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