Affirm Laser FAQs

Affirm Laser Skin Rejuvenation Atlanta

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1 ) Does the Affirm Laser hurt?

During the Affirm treatment you will feel warmth and as the laser pulses it will feel similar to a rubber band snapping the skin. Your skin will feel warm after the treatment, similar to that of a mild sunburn. This feeling may linger for an hour or so, other than that, there is no residual discomfort after having treatment.


Q2 ) Does the Affirm Laser help with acne?

Affirm is not designed to treat acne, however because the laser is delivering heat energy into the skin it can help to dry up or reduce oil production.


Q3 ) Does the Affirm Laser help acne scars?

Yes, Affirm laser treatments can help to improve the appearance of acne scars. The laser works by promoting collagen and elastin fibers to rebuild and remodel. This allows the acne depressions to re-plump. If you have significant acne scars you might consider pairing Affirm with microneedling.


Q4 ) Does the Affirm Laser help melasma?

Affirm is designed to plump and remodel the skin. Providing an overall anti-aging effect: tighter, plumper skin, reduction in pore size, improved tone and texture. It does not specifically address pigmentation. While some may see some improvement in pigmentation such as melasma, we wouldn’t recommend this treatment if that was your number one concern.


Q5 ) Does the Affirm Laser Tighten skin?

Yes. Affirm laser stimulates the skin to make new collagen. Not only that, the heat the laser releases into the skin causes the existing collagen to contract or tighten.  So not only is your body making new collagen to firm and tighten the skin, but the existing collagen is being remodeled for additional tightening effects.


Q6 ) Does the Affirm Laser help reduce wrinkles?

Yes. Affirm laser has dual wavelength technology. It utilizes both a 1320 nm wavelength and 1440 nm wavelength. Because of these 2 wavelengths it simultaneously addresses both the upper layers of skin tissue as well the deeper skin layers, drawing them together. With the new collagen production and the remodeling of the existing, it effectively reduces and smooths away fine lines and wrinkles.