Juvederm Voluma FAQs

Juvederm Voluma Cheek Filler Atlanta

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 ) Does Juvederm Voluma cause bruising?

Does Juvederm Voluma cause bruising?

There is always a risk of bruising with any injectable. Should patients bruise, they typically resolve in three to five days and are typically easily covered up with make-up.


Q2 ) Does Juvederm Voluma hurt?

No. Juvederm Voluma contains lidocaine to make injections comfortable. Additionally, a topical numbing cream will be applied to the skin before treatment for additional comfort.


Q3 ) Does Juvederm Voluma last?

Juvederm Voluma can last 24 months or more.


Q4 ) Does Juvederm Voluma migrate?

No. This product is thicker than other hyaluronic acid fillers and the vycross technology keeps the product together. It will not spread into areas other than where it is injected.1


Q5 ) Does Juvederm Voluma stimulate collagen?

It may help to build collagen simply because it is being administered with a needle and the puncture made by the needle will stimulate collagen production, but the product itself does not cause the formation of new collagen.




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