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SkinCeuticals Peels in Atlanta Superficial Salicylic & Glycolic Peels

Superficial Salicylic & Glycolic Peels by SkinCeuticals

We offer a variety of superficial peels formulated by SkinCeuticals, the pioneers of cosmeceutical skincare products.

skinceuticals superficial peels atlanta

SkinCeuticals peels are a great way to rejuvenate and correct your skin. There are many types of peels available, typically they are categorized by the depth of penetration which effects how aggressive the peel will be.

Repair and Restore Skin With SkinCeuticals Peels

Many people have an aversion to chemical peels because they believe, as the name would suggest, that you peel and this can be very disruptive for anyone with a busy schedule.

But contrary to popular belief, not every peel makes your skin shed and flake off. We offer a variety of superficial peels. These peels are effective and have no-downtime.

These peels also pair really will with other treatments like dermaplaning and microdermabrasion. For best results it is recommended to have a series of peels. A consultation with one of our skin care experts will help you make that determination.

SkinCeuticals Peels $150

Each SkinCeuticals peel is done as part of a facial and includes a deep cleanse, peel application, soothing mask and customized products to hydrate and protect your skin.

Age Defying Peel

Revitalizes and repairs dull tired skin while restoring luminosity and preventing future damage. This is a glycolic acid based peel. Recommended for dry, combination, and sensitive skin.


Will brighten, firm and reenergize tired and stressed skin. This is a glycolic peel that is recommended for all skin types.


Detoxifying treatment will rebalance congested skin. Resulting in a clear glowing complexion. This a salicylic acid peel. Ideal for combination, oily and acneic skin.

Nourish & Hydrate

This equalizing treatment will repair, calm and rehydrate even the most sensitive irritated skin. Leaving your skin soft, supple and nourished. This is a lactic acid and niacinamide peel. Ideal for dry, dehydrated, sensitive skin.