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Why Chemical Peels?

Getting a Chemical peel or simply “peels” is a very popular skin rejuvenation procedure. There is a chemical peel available for every skin type and skin condition. There peels that offer no-peeling, meaning the exfoliation does not result in the sloughing of skin. There are chemical peels that offer moderate peeling and there are some that result in extensive peeling of the skin.

A skin care consultation and analysis will be necessary to determine which peel is right for you.  Chemical peels can be done on your face, neck, back and hands.  They are a quick and easy way to refresh and rejuvenate the skin for an upcoming event or to include in your ongoing skin care regimen.

Chemical Peels Offered at WIFH

We offer peels made by several of the top cosmeceutical companies in the world:

Call and schedule your 7-point skin analysis and skin scan today and one of our Medical Aestheticians will customize a treatment and skin care program that addresses all of your skin concerns.

What Chemical Peels Treat

Chemical Peels are typically segmented into 3 categories: Superficial peels, Medium peels and Deep peels.

Peels are designed to address the following facial rejuvenation needs:

  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • acne
  • acne scarring
  • pigmentation: sun damage, freckles and melasma
  • reduce pore size
  • improve skin texture, laxity and firmness

Chemical Peel Pricing

Facial Peels and Treatment Packages

Single Treatment Series Pricing
CosMedix Peels
Microdermabrasion with Pomegranate Peel $200 $570/series of 3
Pomegranate Peel $70 $225/series of 4
Benefit Peel $100 $325/series of 3
Purity Peel $125 $325/series of 3
Skin Cocktail $125 $345/series of 3
Obagi Blue Radiance Peel $100
VI Peel
VI Peel $300

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