Is miraDry® Covered by Insurance?

For patients who are researching and considering miraDry® to treat their axillary hyperhidrosis, there are two primary financial questions that are typically asked: how much does it cost? and is miraDry®covered by insurance?

What is the Cost of miraDry®?

Following an initial complimentary consultation to determine if miraDry® is a suitable treatment for the patient, at WIFH the cost of a first-time miraDry® procedure is $2,650. Results do vary from person to person, however, on average patients achieve a 70% to 90% reduction in sweat and odor production with just one treatment.

Should a patient chose to have a second procedure to achieve further reduction, the cost of a second miraDry® treatment at WIFH is $995.

Is miraDry® Covered by Insurance?

Insurance coverage for miraDry® procedures is entirely dependent on the patient’s individual insurance plan. In our experience at WIFH, miraDry® is not covered by most insurance plans, even with a diagnosis of hyperhidrosis.

At WIFH, we have had many patients successfully use their company’s HSA (Health Savings Account) and FSA (flexible spending account) plans to help pay for their miraDry® procedures. Patients may also finance treatments using Care Credit, a medical finance company offering 12, 18 and 24 month no interest finance plans for those who qualify. Patients may apply by visiting or by calling 800.365.8295.

About the Author

Christina Imhoff, RN, MSN, ANP-C

Christina Imhoff is a licensed Nurse Practitioner, certified Senior Cosmetic Laser Practitioner, and certified miraDry® Practitioner. She has been performing laser procedures and injectable treatments at WIFH since 2009.