Dr. Kulkin Makes Headline News

Dr. Kulkin was interviewed last Tuesday (October 2nd) on Headline News’ Evening Express. Dr. Kulkin was called on, as an expert in the field of laser and cosmetic procedures, to provide insight and tips to consumers on how to select a facility to have procedures like facial fillers, Botox, skin resurfacing and laser hair removal performed.

Dr. Kulkin’s tips for consumers

1. Know who you will be seeing and who will be performing your procedure. In many states, like Georgia, there is no regulation on who can own and operate these medi-spas. While many of these services seem to be low risk procedures it is important to remember that any procedure being performed by an inexperienced person is risky business.

2. Be sure to ask who will take care of you in the event something does happen that requires medical attention.

3. Always visit your state’s medical board to research the doctor.

4. Do your research online, there are many review sites where you can gain insight on a doctor or facility based on someone else’s experience.

5. And a warning about the daily deal sights, things aren’t always as they seem, buyer beware.

Following the interview Clark Howard, Atlanta’s own savvy shopper concurred with Dr. Kulkin encouraging everyone to do their homework and it’s not always about the money.

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