Why Choose WIFH for Laser Hair Removal?

Why WIFH Over the Other Laser Hair Removal Options in Atlanta?

By the time you search for laser hair removal in Atlanta you’ve probably been considering laser hair removal for a long time. When we first started offering laser hair removal back in 2002 there were only a handful of facilities offering this procedure and many of those have come and gone.

Why Choose WIFH for Laser Hair Removal in Atlanta?Today you can find facilities offering laser hair removal just about anywhere, many on popular “daily deal” sites.

Because laser hair removal has become so mainstream we often forget that it is a medical procedure, but experience does matter when it comes to laser hair removal.

As the old adage goes, sometimes you get what you pay for. There are some services you just don’t want to skimp on. We believe a procedure like laser hair removal is one of them.

WIFH of Atlanta is a medical practice in Georgia that specializes in laser cosmetic procedures.  We believe experience does matter and we know lasers aren’t one size fits all. Dr. Kulkin is involved in each patient’s treatment plan and progress.

All things being perfect, laser hair removal carries minimal risk, but in the event you have a concern you will be able to reach Dr. Kulkin directly on his cell phone, even after hours. We believe you should never have to sacrifice safety and results for affordability.

That’s why we are committed to offering the best procedures, the best results, and the most experience at affordable prices.

Why WIFH is Different

  1. WIFH is a medical practice specializing in laser cosmetic procedures. Since 2002, we understand that in the right hands, lasers can lead to wonderful changes in patient’s lives. We are dedicated to making laser hair removal a safe and effective process in Atlanta. Add that to our A+ rating from the BBB and the wonderful on-line reviews we have earned from our patients and the choice becomes rather easy! We are committed to delivering superior customer service. We respect your time, so we make it a priority to begin all appointments on time.
  2. We have performed over 1,000,000 procedures without a major complication.
  3. Dr. Kulkin is in the office each and every day treating patients and overseeing each and every patient’s progress. In addition, Dr. Kulkin is  available after hours on his cell phone.  At WIFH, there is care available to you at any time of day!
  4. Dr. Kulkin is a world recognized laser expert. He has trained hundreds of doctors and continues to train doctors from around the world in his unique laser techniques.
  5. Dr. Kulkin has personally trained his staff of Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Medical Aestheticians. Dr. Kulkin and his staff are recognized in academic circles as experts and are often called upon to train other doctors and nurses in laser physics and techniques. While anyone can call themselves an expert, we believe we have earned the right to do so. We are proud that our Physician Assistant, Shayna Flash was selected to be a part of the committee that reviews and approves cosmetic laser practitioner licenses issued by the Georgia Composite Medical Board.
  6. Since we use lasers all day every day, we know lasers don’t just perform laser hair removal. In fact, we have lasers for Smartlipo, non-invasive fat removal, skin rejuvenationtattoo removal, spider vein or facial vessel treatment, cellulite, and Rosacea. Click here to learn more about the lasers used at WIFH.