Bikini Laser Hair Removal

Bikini Line Laser Hair Removal

Getting Bikini Laser Hair Removal in Atlanta

Maintaining the bikini area is a drag, but necessary and there are lots of options when it comes to how you maintain it and of course styles.

Why is bikini laser hair removal a good alternative to shaving? Shaving is a standard practice, but it has its draw backs:

  • Shaving is time consuming.
  • You have to shave frequently.
  • Requires Cirque du Soleil body contortions to safely shave those sensitive, hard to reach areas.
  • Knicks and cuts.
  • Razor burn.
  • Ingrown hairs.
  • Shaving is expensive, constantly having to purchase razors and shave cream.
  • Results are temporary, sometimes only a day or two.

Some people live by the philosophy of “beauty is pain”, and opt for plucking and waxing (only kidding). While you do enjoy longer periods of smooth, hair-free skin consider this:

  • You have to grow your hair to approximately ¼” before waxing.
  • Waxing is painful.
  • Can cause skin irritation.
  • Ingrown hairs.
  • Results are temporary, approximately a couple of weeks.
  • Expensive, due to the frequency and gratuity.

Options for Bikini Line Laser Hair Removal

Bikini line laser hair removal is our most popular laser hair removal packages.

Laser hair removal for the bikini line can be any style, meaning we can do as little as the bikini line, we can do a modified Brazilian or a full Brazilian (everything from the front the back and everything in between). Our bikini package also includes the happy trail area, the line of hair some women have extending from the base of their navel down to the pubic area.

Each of our packages includes 8-sessions and these sessions are spaced 6-weeks apart. To prepare for each appointment we ask that you come in shaven the way you would like to look, in essence you are setting out the pattern for us, where you shave is where we will laser.

Bikini Laser Hair Removal Benefits

  • It’s long-lasting. You will have less and less hair after each treatment. The end goal is to have 75% to 90% bikini hair reduction.
  • Laser hair removal for bikinis takes very little time: 15 minutes, every six weeks for 8-sessions (2 hours total).
  • You can get any style you want for the same price (bikini line, modified Brazilian or full Brazilian).
  • Bikini laser hair removal eliminates ingrown hairs and razor bumps.
  • You can shave between laser hair removal sessions, so no periods of embarrassing hair growth like with waxing.
  • Affordable, when you look over time what you would spend on waxing and/or shaving products over your lifetime laser hair removal offers significant savings.  We offer monthly specials and affordable payment options.
  • Smooth and sexy skin.

For the most up to date pricing on our 8-session Bikini laser hair removal (any-style) package visit our pricing page, and be sure to check our Special offers.

Bikini Line Laser Hair Removal Process

What to Expect During Your Treatment at WIFH

The bikini laser hair removal process is very quick, each appointment lasts no more than 15 minutes.  Unlike, waxing, we want you to maintain the area between your appointments by shaving. Because the laser hair removal process is permanent, you will have less and less hair after each and every treatment. The hairs will become finer, appear lighter in color and they grow back very slowly.

We’re often asked, “how painful is bikini laser hair removal?”  While laser hair removal isn’t painless, it isn’t painful either. Patients who have waxed previously say it is similar. If you are worried that you will be uncomfortable we can write a prescription for a numbing serum that is compounded exclusively for our patients.

Expectations for Bikini Line Hair Reduction

After completing 8-sessions of laser hair removal on the bikini area, a typical patient sees anywhere from a 75% to 90% permanent hair reduction.  Permanent meaning that hair will never grow back.  Do not be misled by other laser hair removal facilities that tell you that you’ll never shave again, this is simply not true. Our goal is that you only have to whisk away a few hairs once or twice a month as maintenance.