Back Laser Hair Removal

Back Laser Hair Removal for Back

Back Laser Hair Removal is Popular Amongst Men

You’ve been there before; a Fourth of July pool party, Spring Break week in Destin, a new romantic encounter, or even a make shift slip and slide in the front yard with the kids.  And every time, there you are, unable to fully partake in the festivities because you embarrassed to take off your shirt and reveal your “hairy situation”.

So you decided you would resolve this issue with shaving, right?  But then you remembered you’re not Stretch Armstrong and don’t bend that way.  And who wants to ask their significant other or a friend to shave their back for them?  So how about a wax?  Who wants to spend $60 every three weeks for the rest of their life in order to be hair-free? We have a solution for that sweater you’re wearing.

Our Back Laser Hair Removal package is our most popular Men’s package.  Back laser hair removal includes the waistline up to the lower neck and includes the top of both shoulders. As part of our advanced laser hair removal services, we can treat this entire area in as little as 60 minutes.

Preparing for Back Laser Hair Removal

So, I bet you wonder how it feels, right?  Some friends tell you back laser hair removal is painful; some say there’s nothing to it.  

Most of our patients equate the feeling of a laser hair removal treatment to the snap of a rubber band. And unlike a wax, the pain isn’t residual so you don’t get that feeling that the area treated is on fire afterwards.  

At WIFH, we recommend that you try your first back laser hair removal session without numbing cream.  If you find that you cannot bear those repetitive rubber band snaps, we can write a prescription for a topical anesthetic.  

To learn more about the process visit our “about the procedure” page.

Custom Back Laser Hair Removal Packages

Choosing a Package that Fits Your Individual Needs

Maybe you need more than just your back.  We offer several combination packages that might fit your needs. Visit our laser hair removal pricing page to see what might work best for you. If you don’t see a combination package that fits your needs, let us know we are happy to customize one for you.

Prepping for Your Treatment at WIFH

*As with all of our laser hair removal packages, we ask that you come in shaven for each of your laser hair removal sessions.  We understand some men may not be able to do this.  If you will require us to shave your back for you prior to your session, please be sure to mention this at the time you schedule so that we may schedule additional time.