Most Popular Body Parts for Laser Hair Removal

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Due to its safety, effectiveness, and lasting results, laser hair removal remains one of the most popular laser cosmetic procedures in the country. So, what body parts can patients be treated with laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal can be performed on almost any part of the body where hair grows. However, due to serious risk in ocular injury1, laser hair removal can NOT be performed on the eyebrow area. In the state of Georgia it is unlawful to receive a cosmetic laser procedure within 1 inch of the eye socket2.

Below is a detailed overview of some of the most popular body parts that both women and men are able to undergo laser hair removal.

Popular Laser Hair Removal Body Parts


The area around the navel is a common area for patients to have excess hair. Laser hair removal can be safely performed on the abdominal and torso areas of the body, providing a long-term reduction in hair growth.


Undergoing a series of laser hair removal treatments on the back is a popular procedure among male patients at WIFH, as back hair is a hard-to-reach area that is difficult to groom.

Bikini Area

Traditional methods of maintaining hair in the bikini line area include shaving and waxing, however these methods produce short-term results. Undergoing a series of laser hair removal treatments in the bikini line area provides long lasting hair reduction for easier ongoing maintenance.


Women may experience hormonal changes that result in hair growth on the breast and areola areas. In cases where there is light growth of just a few hairs, patients may opt for plucking. However, if the hair growth is more wide spread, laser hair removal can provide lasting reduction.


The sensations that patients experience when undergoing laser hair removal on the buttocks area can be a little uncomfortable, however, the treatments are generally well-tolerated. Most facilities offering laser hair removal can prescribe a numbing cream to help dull the pain during the procedure.


Because of its large surface area and rapid rate of hair growth, maintaining hair on the chest area can be time consuming. For patients who prefer less hair on their chests, laser hair removal provides a long-lasting reduction over waxing, tweezing and shaving.


Laser hair removal helps reduce ingrown hairs and irritating razor bumps that are common on the face and neck from frequent shaving. Laser hair removal treatments on the facial area take about 15 minutes per treatment. Patients are not required to grow out their hair further in order to receive treatment. A series of facial hair removal treatments is necessary for best results, and patients should anticipate needing ongoing touch-up treatments 2-3 times per year after completing the full series.

Knuckles and Feet

Hair growth on the knuckles, tops of feet, and toes typically start around the age of puberty in most patients. Later on in life, however, this hair can become thicker and more visible. In many cases, the feet and toe areas are included a lower leg laser hair removal package, and the hands are typically included for patients undergoing treatment on their arms.


The legs are one of the most popular treatment areas for laser hair removal. Because legs are a larger body area the treatment times are longer, with lower legs typically taking 30-45 minutes and full legs up to 1 hour+ to complete.


Underarms are a popular treatment area for patients to receive laser hair removal. The hair follicles in the underarm area respond very well to the laser, and treatments last approximately 5 minutes each.

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