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Volbella Atlanta Juvederm Volbella XC

WIFH Now Offers Juvederm Volbella XC Facial Filler Treatment 

Volbella is one of the newest dermal fillers on the market that’s quickly become a popular choice. Similar to Vollure, Volbella is also a part of the Juvederm family of facial fillers. Volbella is an FDA-approved hyaluronic acid filler that’s used to enhance lip fullness and soften the appearance of “smoker’s lines” above and around the mouth. In other words, Volbella is among the few injectables that’s highly effective in smoothening the very fine lines above the lips, as well as fine lines on the cheeks.

Juvederm Volbella is formulated with Vycross technology, which blends different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid to deliver natural-looking results that last for about one year. What makes Volbella a popular choice compared to other derma fillers is that it’s a soft, malleable product that effectively planes superficial lines around the mouth without adding too much volume or projection of the lip.

Where to Get Volbella in Atlanta?

Although Juvederm Volbella XC is a routine injectable like other dermal filler treatments, choosing a provider is still an important consideration. The desired results of your Volbella filler treatment can depend significantly on the experience and skill of the individual performing the injection. The precise placement of the injection and the overall correction of volume loss is critical, and thus should be performed by an expert. At WIFH, you can trust a team of experts who have years of experience administering derma fillers like Volbella in Atlanta.

How Much Does Volbella XC Cost?

Like other injectables, the cost of Volbella is typically priced per syringe. While cost will significantly vary depending on your location, injector’s experience, and the specific issues you’re looking to treat, the average cost of Volbella can be upwards of $500 per syringe. However, when you choose WIFH for Juvederm Volbella in Atlanta, the cost is $420 per syringe.

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Juvederm Volbella for Lips

Full, kissable lips are very popular these days thanks to celebrities sporting perfectly shaped lips. When Juvederm Volbella is injected in the lips, it gives you a hydrated look. It does plump, but it does not give you a lot of volume. So if you are looking to add subtle volume to your lips, this is a great product.

When receiving Volbella for lips, the filler is not going to give you big volume. So if you are really looking to augment your lips, we would recommend another product. As experienced injectors, we actually like this derma filler better for those very fine lines that some people have on their cheeks, also known as violin strings. We can also treat those lines above the lips or peri-oral lines with Volbella.

How to Prepare & What to Expect?

Whether you’re interested in Volbella for lips or for under the eyes, to best understand what to expect and how to prepare, schedule a consultation with WIFH. An experienced and professional injector at WIFH can help set realistic expectations about your treatment and help you realize your desired results. It is hard to know which filler is best for your case. We recommend scheduling a consultation with one of our experienced injectors to determine which filler is right for you.

A vast majority of patients who receive Volbella experience no downtime. However in some unlikely situations, patients can experience  swelling, bruising, or redness. Although these issues are uncommon for most patients who under Volbella in Atlanta with WIFH, in the instance they do occur, they can typically be covered with makeup.

Side Effects of Volbella Facial Fillers?

In some rare cases, Volbella can sometimes cause swelling in the lip area. This is almost always the case with Volbella is used directly into the lips and not the lines around it. Severe cases of swelling generally take about one week to resolve. Applying ice and sleeping with your head elevated can help reduce swelling. Like other Juvederm XC fillers, issues can be mitigated by consulting an expert in derma fillers for the best results..

Which Facial Filler is Right for You?

Forehead X
Frown Lines X
Cheeks X
Crow’s Feet X
Laugh Lines X X X
Smoker’s Lines X
Marionette Lines X
Lips X X X
Violin Strings X X
9-12 Months X X
12-18 Months X
18-24 Months X