Is Smartlipo Safe for Dark Skin?

Smartlipo is Safe for All Skin Types

Various people of different cultures have uniquely individual desires when it comes to cosmetic procedures.  While Caucasian women often want to be “thin”,  Black and Hispanic women often want to preserve or accentuate their “curves”.  For this reason, Dr. Kulkin will listen to your goals and help you understand the best way to accomplish them.  In addition, some patients are more prone to develop keloid scars and as a result we are extremely careful with our incision locations to help minimize the visability of the scars.

Regardless of ethnicity, Smartlipo does not impact skin color or increase the possibility of complications.  Our patients represent 52 different countries from around the world, all with unique skin types and we have treated them all safely with exceptional results.

See for Yourself

Everyone wants to know what to expect when and if they decide to move forward with their Smartlipo procedure.  And what better way to find out than from an actual patient.  Our patient, Morgan Taylor, chronicled her Smartlipo experience on her YouTube channel. Take a look at her videos as she speaks about her experience and results.

Morgan Taylor Atlanta Smartlipo TestimonialMorgan Taylor Smartlipo Q&A VideoAtlanta Liposuction Smartlipo Patient Update