Are You a Candidate for Smartlipo?

Who Are Good Candidates for Smartlipo?

There are two types of patients for Smartlipo – Ideal and Not Ideal

The ideal candidate for Smartlipo is in good health, and not typically more than 25 pounds over their ideal body weight. As with everything, there are always exceptions. This procedure was really designed for those hard to lose areas that you just can’t seem to get rid of with diet and exercise.  We’ve heard all the frustrating stories so you are not alone.

Can Larger Men & Women Get Smartlipo?

While larger men and women are not the best candidates, we have done Smartlipo on larger people with excellent results.  What is most important is that your expectations are reasonable.

We cannot give someone that is over 200 pounds (for example) a flat abdomen with Smartlipo, but we can nicely reduce the area making you look better in clothing or a bathing suit!

Smartlipo is not a weight loss program and as a result we will not perform the procedure for this reason. Smartlipo can reduce the bulges that you can’t diet or exercise away with the added benefit of skin tightening (which you won’t find with Traditional Liposuction!)

While results will vary from person to person, many of our patients have reported dropping several dress or pant sizes as a result of the inches they lost after having Smartlipo. It is always a good idea to implement an exercise routine along with healthy eating habits if you haven’t already done so.

Smartlipo Consultations at WIFH

Consultations are critically important so that Dr. Kulkin can tell you if you are a candidate.  At your consultation he will also review your medical history, any medications you are taking, allergies, alcohol and tobacco use.

Further assessment will be done at a subsequent pre-op appointment where we perform lab work, to rule out medical problems you may not be aware of. This is all to ensure we perform the procedure safely and get the best results possible.