How to Get Rid of Flanks Fat on Body

When we talk about the “flank” area we are referring to the area of fat that shows up on the low back—the fatty deposits on either side of your spine that often create a hangover effect or what many people call the rear “Muffin Top.”

The flanks present a troubling problem for men and women alike. Sometimes it seems like no matter how hard you exercise or how healthy you eat, you just can’t get rid of those flabby flanks. If you find yourself in this situation, there are multiple body contouring procedures that can help.

SculpSure Treatment to Get Rid of Flanks

SculpSure a non-invasive body contouring treatment has shown to be extremely effective in getting rid of fat in the flank area. You can get rid of up to 24% of the fat in the flank area with each treatment. We stress the “up to” part, because with all non invasive body contouring procedures we are relying on your body to get rid of the damaged fat cells for us.

For this reason it is harder to predict just how much fat reduction you will see, since it is up to you and your body to process and eliminate the disrupted fat cells for us. 24% obviously becomes very relative depending on how much fat you have in the area. However, our previous SculpSure patients have been very happy with the amount of fat loss they have experienced.

At WIFH, we recommend at least two treatments of SculpSure for optimal results. Patients typically begin seeing a change at about 8 weeks post treatment. However, it can take 12 to 14 weeks for final results. You can have a second treatment as early at 8 weeks following the first treatment, although some like to wait 10 weeks in between treatments to provide their bodies enough time to process the fat cells damaged by the first procedure before they inundate their bodies with more fat it will have to get rid of.

Smartlipo to Get Rid of Flanks

Smartlipo is laser assisted liposuction, it is a minimally invasive surgical procedure (one and done). Most are familiar with liposuction. Smartlipo is much different from traditional liposuction. Smartlipo is done under local anesthesia, meaning you are awake and aware during the entire procedure. The area is thoroughly numbed by infusing a numbing solution of lidocaine, epinephrine and bi-carb, so while you are awake you aren’t feeling anything.

Because the instruments are so small, only tiny punctures need to be placed in the skin. For the flanks, a small incision will be placed just below your rear pantline on both the right and left side. Through these openings the thin cannula housing a laser fiber will be inserted. The laser melts and liquifies the fat cells while delivering heat energy to the skin tissue to tighten it. Once the fat is melted, aspiration (or suction) is applied and the fatty fluid is removed from the flank area.

Recovery is pretty quick from this procedure. You are up and moving same day and next day. You will have soreness, but it should not interfere with your normal activity. You will be required to wear a compression garment for 3 weeks post treatment. Expect swelling. The swelling will dissipate over the course of several weeks. You will begin seeing results at 4-weeks with final results at 6 months.

Because the fat is manually removed results with Smartlipo are much more predictable. You can expect to lose inches off of the area.

Exercises to Maintain Flanks Post-Procedure

To make sure you get the most out of your body contouring treatment, you should implement some flank-burning exercises to your routine. Of course, fat-burning cardio is always a great option, but you can also try specific oblique-targeting exercises like side bends, side planks, bicycle crunches, Russian Twists and Superman’s to strengthen the low back.

Since flanks are just fat deposits over the oblique muscles on the sides of your waist and lower back, targeting these areas with exercises will help you keep the fat off that you lost with SculpSure or Smartlipo!

And of course, you always want to pair any treatment with a healthy diet and lots of water. Taking care of you is crucial. You’re taking the step to get a body contouring procedure, so use that momentum to keep taking great care of yourself, and keep those flanks away!

Call or visit WIFH today for your free consultation, and find out what body contouring procedure is the right way to get rid of those annoying flanks!