Why miraDry?

why miradry

miraDry is a non-invasive, FDA-approved device designed to eliminate underarm sweat and odor. It targets sweat glands using microwave energy eliminating them. Additionally, once destroyed these glands do not regenerate, meaning they do not grow back.

So why should you even consider a process like this for something that everyone experiences, to some degree? The fact is some people do experience excessive underarm sweat at a level that can impede their social and business relationships. This condition is called hyperhidrosis. When that happens, miraDry is an effective and safe solution.


1. You Can Help Alleviate Your Social Anxiety

If you sweat a lot, you may fear going into social situations that might reveal your condition. This could include anything from crowded bars and backyard barbecues to networking events.

The appearance of hyperhidrosis can cause embarrassment for others as well as you and change how others perceive you as a person. On top of that, strong emotions, spicy foods, and stress stimulate sweat, so if you’re nervous, your sweating will get even worse.

2. You Can Make Participating in Sports and Other Activities Easier

If you sweat a lot, playing sports or physical activities may be difficult for you. Too much underarm sweat can affect your grip, your comfort levels, and your performance. Treating your hyperhidrosis with miraDry can help.

3. You Can Help Your Clothing Last Longer

Sweat can discolor your clothes and they odor can be tough to eliminate. Sure, you can wash it out when you do your laundry, but if you are constantly sweating into your clothes eventually your clothes will no longer be wearable, long before this is the case for others. Getting miraDry can save your favorite outfits!

4. miraDry is Easy and Comfortable

While other solutions for hyperhidrosis exist, miraDry is the least work-intensive solution, because in a lot of cases it’s a one and done procedure. You can use antiperspirants, but you’re reapplying constantly.

Some people even use dress shields, which are pads they place in the underarm area to absorb the sweat. There are electrical stimulation methods such as iontophoresis, which can be painful and require many sessions to reduce the sweating or you can get Botox injections, which aren’t permanent.

Surgery is also an option. But miraDry is painless after you’ve been numbed, and requires just one, possibly two sessions of 1.5 hours or less, for up to 90 percent effectiveness. It’s also permanent.

5. You Will Look and Feel More Confident!

In general, treating your hyperhidrosis can improve your life in a myriad of ways. If you’re more confident about the way you look and feel it will allow you to interact with people in many different situations. It will show in the way you carry yourself and the relationships that you build. For those who suffer from hyperhidrosis, the relief you feel will transform your life. If you think miraDry could make a difference in your life, consult a physician to find out more about the procedure’s benefits, side effects, and recovery requirements.

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