What is Smartlipo?

We’ve all heard of liposuction, and most of us have probably heard of laser liposuction. But where does Smartlipo come into the mix? Well, put simply, Smartlipo is the name of the laser that was developed by a company called Cynosure that our own Dr. Jay Kulkin uses to perform laser liposuction.

In the video below, Dr. Kulkin, a world renowned laser expert, discusses the procedure that we conduct with the Smartlipo Triplex machine at WIFH in Atlanta. Also in the video, you’ll get to see a demonstration of a Smartlipo procedure so you know how easy and comfortable the procedure is while you’re in our office.

One of the great advantages of choosing Smartlipo over a more traditional surgical liposuction procedure is the minimal amount of downtime you need before going back to your normal everyday activities. With traditional liposuction, you may be out of commission for days or even weeks due to the significant bruising that comes from the invasiveness of the procedure. With Smartlipo, the downtime is only 1-2 days, with minimal bruising and very small incisions to let the laser in.

Smartlipo on Abdomen

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