Va Va Voluma!

Voluma Cheek Filler

Introducing the Voluma Facial Filler

This post was written by WIFH Marketing Director Lindsay Spires.

It was the eve of my thirty fifth birthday and every year since I turned thirty I look in the mirror and ask myself do I look my age?

I take pretty good care of my skin, I use my Clarisonic Pro twice a day, I have an Opal to care for my eyes, medical grade skincare products and I’ve been using Botox for years…I’m thinking I’m looking pretty good, certainly not 35!

The next day we were having injector training for a new filler made by Allergan called Voluma. Similar to Juvederm XC, Voluma is a Hyaluronic acid based product designed to restore volume loss in the mid-face (ie. the cheeks and cheekbones).

We had all of our “guinea pigs” lined up when the trainer said “you’re the perfect candidate, your cheeks are starting to flatten and you have a distinct mylar break, see?” as she shoved a mirror in my face to show me the flattening of my cheeks and the line across my cheek, aka: the mylar break. I had this surge of mixed emotions, was I offended? No, I was panicked, I thought…35…time marches on and it’s marching across my face! I honestly had never considered a filler before, but now I had to!

In a nutshell, a youthful, perfect face has smooth, round contours, high cheekbones and a well defined jawline, creatively dubbed the “triangle of beauty.” This is best seen by looking at your profile. If you turn your head slightly you want to a nice “s” shape (see pictures below).

But as we age we experience facial fat loss and with the help of gravity that triangle of beauty flattens out and heads south, often causing the lines around our mouths and jowls. The concept with Voluma is that it rebuilds this area “up”, restoring that apple to the cheek and cheekbone. By recreating this feature it also lifts the lower face, softening the lines around the mouth.
Admittedly, I was a little nervous, I always assumed fillers hurt, but hey “beauty is pain” right?

They applied some numbing cream to my cheeks and I waited. Within 15 minutes I was numb and it was show time. I anxiously awaited the first stick. She asked “how does that feel, you ok?”, I didn’t feel a thing, I was shocked. As she was injecting she would press on my face, massaging the Voluma into place.

This filler really is an art form, they would stand back and look, tilt my head, bend down and look up at my face, then they would add a little more and look again. In total it took about 30 minutes to do both cheeks.

When I looked in the mirror I was amazed, the change was subtle but wow, what a difference. I looked refreshed and happy (you know that look that young people have even when they aren’t smiling). I loved it!

My face was a little sore the next day and I only had one tiny little bruise on each of my cheeks, which concealed nicely with make-up and resolved very quickly (within a few days).

I am so happy I did it and the best news is; it lasts for 2 years so it’s not something that requires a lot of maintenance. I would definitely recommend this filler to anyone at any age.

The other before and after photo at the right is my mom, I think it did an amazing job and I see a huge difference under her eyes. It really helped to soften that trough under her eye.

If you want to refresh your look, want something subtle yet dramatic, then consider Voluma. Facial Fillers are my new best friend.

Voluma is $950/syringe. Keep in mind it lasts for 2 years, so when you do the math $475/year is a deal!

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