A Deal You Can Bat your Lashes At… Try Latisse for just $10 this Month (August 2013)

Latisse $10 Sale August 2013Want long, dark, thick sexy lashes? Do you try every new mascara that promises twice the volume and length only to be disappointed? Can’t commit to the time and expense of lash extensions? Well, now you can have those long, thick lashes, and they’re all yours!

How you ask..simple Latisse. And this month you can try it for just $10 when you make any purchase. Yes any purchase, that means you can literally purchase a cleanser for $29 and buy Latisse for $10, that saves you $110!

Latisse contains the medication Bimatoprost, that is used in prescription eye drops to treat glaucoma. Eyelash growth was an unexpected side effect.

The application is simple; just apply (once a day, we recommend at night) with one of the brushes that is provided to the base of the lashes on the upper lid of your eye. It’s just like applying eyeliner. You will start to notice a difference in just a few weeks.

You will see full results, with daily use, at approximately 2 months, which is about the dosage in the 3ml kit that is on sale for just $10 this month (with any purchase). You will see results as long as you maintain use of Latisse. We recommend that you use Latisse on a nightly until you get your lashes to your desired length; at that point you could cut back to every other night to maintain your results.

You’ll never have the chance to try Latisse for $10 again. Purchase anything this month (August) and get a 3ml kit of Latisse for just $10!

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