WIFH Estheticians Reveal Top Tips for Glowing Skin

Tips for Glowing Skin

If your goal is to wake up with your skin looking wonderful and fresh, you’re not alone. It means your skin is healthy from the get-go, and ready for the day, and there’s no better feeling than that. What makes the glow possible is the fact that beauty sleep heals and rejuvenates.

What Happens to Our Skin at Night

At night, your skin cell renewal rate is slightly faster. Collagen production is boosted, free radicals are destroyed, and cell damage is repaired. Also, skin is better able to absorb active ingredients in skincare products, because sunlight can nullify its efficacy and your skin doesn’t have to compete with makeup or sunscreen to fight harmful environmental elements.

Your skin temperature is higher, which means products can absorb more deeply into your skin. Melanin production increases, suppressing UV damage to the skin and stimulating antioxidants. Your skin also recovers moisture and removes excess water.

What Our Estheticians Say…

This all means you can optimize your body’s natural skin-boosting qualities with some basic tips for glowing skin:

1. Cleanse before bed

If you don’t remove your makeup, the remains of eye shadow, foundation, lipstick, and other products can clog pores and interfere with the process of expelling impurities. Moisturizing is also vital, as it keeps water from being lost from your body. It will seal in the moisture, assisting the natural overnight water-balancing properties in your skin.

Product recommendation: Cosmedix Purity Clean cleanser and Purity Balance (balancer)

2. Use anti-aging products at night

Using anti-aging products as part of your evening skincare routine will help you take advantage of that nighttime healing power and assist the regular cellular repair routine. However, don’t use rich creams, because these can clog pores, keeping the skin cells from regenerating properly, making your skin less able to care for itself. It can also trigger a slowdown of the body’s own moisture production. Let your skin breathe.

Product recommendation: Cosmedix Define Night Cream

3. Get your beauty sleep

Research has shown that skill cell regeneration can almost double between 11 a.m. and 4 a.m. So, if you’re in bed by 11 p.m., your body will be able to maximize this time, and your skin can recover and rebalance its moisture levels. When you’re ready to sleep, eliminate as much light as you can so that the melanin can operate to suppress sun damage. If you don’t sleep enough, your body makes more of the stress hormone cortisol, which can lead to more stress and inflammation – which in itself leads to the breakdown of collagen and hyaluronic acid.

It’s absolutely true that sleep is healing – not just for your body, but for your complexion as well. Radiant skin is attainable, if you can enhance your own natural skin rejuvenation properties. Follow these simple tips for glowing skin every single morning, and keep that glow all day.

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