Surviving Spring Break: Skincare Hacks for Looking Great at the Beach!

Surviving Spring Break: Skincare Hacks For Looking Great at the Beach!

Who doesn’t love Spring Break? After a long winter full of ice and cold, this week-long holiday is the perfect time to go someplace warm, shake off the chill, and enjoy the sun.

But don’t forget to protect your skin! You may not be used to those powerful rays anymore, and with summer coming up your skin will see more exposure – and need more protection. Get beach-ready with these hot tips!

1. Block the sun

We all know how important it is to keep our skin protected from the sun with a waterproof, broad-spectrum sunscreen. It isn’t just about temporary sunburn – it’s about preventing spots, and wrinkles, and avoiding more profound damage at a cellular level that can lead to cancer. Don’t forget your face, your ears, your feet, your lips, and your hair (a scarf can work for this too). Cover up when possible. Look for a sunscreen with at least a SPF of 30. Zinc and titanium dioxide sunscreen offer the best protection.

2. Get some water-resistant makeup

You don’t have to go out to the beach without the beauty-enhancing benefits of makeup. It’s worthwhile to invest in some water-resistant products – mascara, lip stains, eye pencils, eye shadow palettes, foundation, concealer, eye base, bronzers. They all come in stay-in-place formulas that will keep you looking beautiful while you’re on the beach.

3. Invest in laser hair removal

Being on the beach in a swimsuit can make you feel self-conscious, so be prepared. Consider investing in laser hair removal to make your body beach-ready! With this treatment, you can have the number of hair follicles permanently reduced on your face, legs, bikini and other areas.

Beyond the time you save worrying about being shaven, hair removal can help reduce other irritating or embarrassing issues like ingrown hairs and razor bumps/burn. Ultimately, it’ll give you more time to spend splashing in the ocean! Just remember it may take a number of sessions, so plan in advance. This could be a gift you give yourself that you can enjoy every spring break!

4. Stay Hydrated & Get Your Vitamins

Drink a lot of water, because that will keep your skin moist and your blood flowing for that natural skin glow. Potassium-rich foods such as avocados, bananas, carrots, oranges, and coconut water will keep bloat down. Foods with anti-oxidants (berries, tomatoes, tangerines) will help combat free-radical damage. Also, vitamin E (nuts, seeds, olives) will help reduce inflammation. Don’t miss out on healthy fats and oils, which help keep skin smooth and supple.

You’re going to have a blast this spring break! Make sure you look great for it, and protect your skin from harsh elements at the same time. You don’t have to neglect your skin while you’re enjoying yourself. In fact, you can take advantage and come back glowing!

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