Summer Solstice Smartlipo: Arms & Abdomen Fat Reduction

It is officially summertime, and it is HOT. You’re spending your days wearing sleeveless shirts and bathing suits, and what do you notice? Your arms and stomach. These two areas can be super frustrating, especially when you are exercising and dieting and still aren’t happy with their appearance. You don’t want to wave good-bye or ask for the saltshaker at a dinner party out of fear that everyone’s eyes will move to your jiggly arms. And a bikini is just out of the question when you have unwanted belly fat, and moo moos just aren’t as cute.

Sometimes diet and exercise aren’t enough to tone and get rid of the fat in these areas. But don’t despair, lovers of summer clothing! Smartlipo is the perfect solution for both your arms and abs.

Wait…What is Smartlipo?

Smartlipo is laser-assisted liposuction. It is minimally invasive and performed under local anesthesia, so you are awake and aware during the procedure. Following your procedure, you will walk yourself out of the office and in many cases, you can even drive yourself home. There is very minimal downtime as well, you are up and moving same day and next day, so you can get back to your summer activities in what feels like no time!

What is the Procedure Like?

During the procedure, the areas being treated (in this case the arms and/or abdomen) are numbed with a lidocaine solution. A tiny puncture is placed in the skin and a small cannula is inserted that has a laser fiber threaded through it. The laser is used to melt and liquefy the fat cells. Once liquefied, aspiration is connected, and the fatty fluid is removed from the abs and arms. The skin tissue also absorbs the heat from the laser to stimulate collagen production and skin tightening, so once the fat is suctioned out, the skin is firm and tight.

The procedure is actually very quick, and as mentioned before, many of our patients drive themselves home afterward.

After Treatment & Results

For the abdomen, we require that you wear a compression garment for 3 weeks post-procedure. A compression garment is not always necessary for the arms, but that will be determined at your pre-operative evaluation.

Most of our patients don’t experience bruising, but if you do experience bruising it typically resolves in a week or two. You will have swelling, but it gradually dissipates over the course of 3 to 4 weeks. At the one-month mark, you will be looking really good, and your results will continue to improve for up to 6 months after your Smartlipo procedure.

Smartlipo provides a tremendous amount of skin tightening, so you won’t have to worry about sagging or loose skin after your procedure.

Schedule Your Free Consultation Today!

Everything you need to know about your Smartlipo procedure will be reviewed at your free consultation with Dr. Kulkin. So, if you have jiggly arms or belly bulge then maybe it’s time to look into Smartlipo this summer. Life is too short to not love the way you look and feel! Contact us to get started.


Lindsay Spires

We don’t have set prices for the different areas of the body for Smartlipo. We do provide a broad price range on our website We like to have our patients in for an in person consultation with Dr. Kulkin, so that he can better understand what you are looking to achieve and he can figure out what he will need to do to get you where you want to be. We typically have a monthly discount and he does extend multi area discounts when more than one area is being done at one time. Would you like to schedule a consultation?

Virginia E Cooper

I’m interested in getting a little more information on arms and abdomen procedure, as well as, the amount of the procedure.

Lindsay Spires

Thank you for your interest in our Smartlipo procedure. It does a great job on both the arms and the abdomen. We recommend scheduling a consultation so that Dr. Kulkin can take a look. At your consultation we will provide you with accurate pricing. We don’t base pricing off of BMI, rather we look at it on a case by case basis. Would you like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kulkin?


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