Smartlipo for Saddle Bags and Love Handles

Atlanta Smartlipo for Saddle Bags Love Handles

Smartlipo Laser Liposuction

For those hoping to get rid of trouble areas of stubborn fat they can’t seem to eliminate with diet and exercise alone, we offer a procedure at WIFH called Smartlipo, which is laser assisted liposucton or laser lipolysis. One of the best features of Smartlipo is that there is virtually no downtime. We prefer that you take the day following your procedure off, but beyond that you are good to go. Clients who choose Smartlipo enjoy smooth, tighter looking skin and relief from those troublesome fat and bulges they simply could not lose before.

Two areas patients often want to address with Smartlipo are “love handles” and “saddle bags.” Since we often hear different definitions of these areas, we want to explain what we consider these to be at WIFH.

Smartlipo for Saddle bags and love handles

Smartlipo for Love Handles

There seems to be some discrepancies surrounding what part of the body is actually considered the “love handles.” People often use terms like flanks, muffin top, hips and love handles and wonder if those terms all explain the same area or if they are different. As a patient looking to address these areas, you should always have your surgeon define the areas you are working on as well, to ensure you are both on the same page, and you get the results you want out of your procedure. Communication is key!

At WIFH we consider the “love handle” to be the front and side portion of the waistline, which is included in the abdomen area. Separately, we consider the “flanks” to describe the lower back or the areas on either side of the spine below the rib cage. “Muffin tops” typically describe the combination of the love handles and flanks. “Hips” is a term we use to describe the areas on the sides of your body just below your waist—between the waist and the start of the thigh.

Smartlipo for Saddle Bags

“Saddle bags” refer to a pocket of fat on the upper, outer thigh, which are commonly hereditary to individuals who have what is considered to be a pear shape. This particular area is often slow to respond to diet and exercise alone, if at all. Smartlipo is highly effective at removing those stubborn pockets known as “saddle bags” and smoothing out the area.

Based on patient feedback, the love handles and saddle bags are two of the easiest areas in terms of recovery. There is minimal soreness and tenderness and you are able to return to normal activity right away.

More Smartlipo Details

Keep in mind: you are required to wear a compression garment after Smartlipo for both love handles and saddle bags. While the length of time required will vary based on physician recommendation, but we require the garment to be worn for three weeks following the procedure to help reduce swelling and allow the treated areas to heal properly.

Typically most of the swelling dissipates within four weeks following your procedure, which is also when you will really start noticing the results. We tell our patients full healing and results can take up to six months, but they will see the significant improvement by three months following the procedure.

Come to WIFH for a free consultation to find out if Smartlipo is the right choice for your stubborn love handles or saddle bags!

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