Spotlight on PA Shayna Flash for National Physician Assistants Week!

Shayna Flash National Physician Assistants Week

As we celebrate National Physician Assistants Week, we put the Spotlight on WIFH Physician Assistant Shayna Flash in this Q&A Presentation. Read the transcript below, or check out the presentation on SlideShare!

Q&A with WIFH Physician Assistant Shayna Flash from WIFH

Q1) What’s your fondest memory of WIFH?

A1) Our whole office and our families participated in a 5k supporting Girls on the Run.

Q2) Why did you choose to be a PA?

A2) I wanted to work in the medical profession and be able to spend time with my family.

Q3)  Would you recommend a youngster pursue a career as a PA?

A3) Absolutely, the flexibility of our profession makes it ideal for anyone.

Q4) What’s your favorite thing about the position at WIFH?

A4) We really get to build close relationships with our patients.

Q5) How many different procedures have you been involved in over the course of your career?

A5) I have had the opportunity to work in the ER, urgent care, internal medicine and now in Aesthetics! So I’ve done a little bit of everything, but by far aesthetics is my favorite. You get to make people feel good about themselves. It’s really rewarding.

Q6) What is the biggest difference in the medical industry between now and when you started? How has the industry changed over the years?

A6) The PA profession is becoming more recognized and we are now seen as an integral part of medicine. Doctors can’t see every patient and a PA is able to assess and treat patients which provide more access for patients.

Q7) Tell us about your experience sitting on the laser committee with the Georgia Medical Board. How does it feel be involved in a process that affects the industry?

A7) I’m honored to be a part of this committee.  I’ve been working with cosmetic lasers for the last ten years and up until now there’s been no laws governing their use.  Now we have something in place and I’m happy to be able to help ensure patient safety with regard to lasers.

Q8) Is there anything you wish patients knew about your role?

A8) As a Physician Assistant at WIFH I have the pleasure of working with a great team. I love the people I work with; we’re more like family not colleagues.

Q9) If you could have any super power what would it be?

A9) With my last name being Flash I would have to say super speed.

Q10) On a typical day, are you lip gloss or lipstick?

A10) I am a (stay-on) lipstick by day but gloss by night.

Q11) What’s one word you’d use to sum up Dr. Kulkin?

A11) Genuine.

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