SculpSure Reviews: How Well Does It Work?

SculpSure Reviews How Well Does It Work

What is SculpSure? How Does it Work?

SculpSure is a non-invasive fat reduction procedure. It uses a laser (heat) to disrupt fat cells, which your body then eliminates through its lymphatic system. The laser is safe for all skin types, and while heat is being delivered to the fat and surrounding tissue, a contact cooling system keeps the surface of your skin cool. This procedure is perfect for treating stubborn areas of fat on your abdomen, flanks, bra fat, and thighs.

Each SculpSure treatment is 25 minutes and can get rid of up to 24% of the unwanted fat in your chosen area. We stress “up to,” because every body is different. Your body may be able to process all 24%, or it might be a little less. The entire process of eliminating the disrupted fat cells from the treated area takes approximately 12 weeks to complete. Two SculpSure treatments are typically recommended for best results and some patients have even come back for a third and fourth treatment to further reduce the area. The number of treatments is based on how much reduction you are looking to achieve and we can give you a better indication at your complimentary consultation.

Here’s What You Can Expect With SculpSure

When you come in for a complimentary consultation, we will take your medical history and examine any areas you wish to treat with SculpSure. We will place plastic frame templates on the area(s) you would like treated to determine the number of SculpSure applicators necessary for the best results. You can often have your procedure done on the same day as your consultation!

On the day of your treatment we will take photos of the treatments area(s) to document and monitor your progress post-treatment. Then in the treatment room, we will cleanse your treatment area(s), place the templates determined earlier, and secure them with a soft strap. We can use four applicators at one time. The applicators snap into the plastic frames and your treatment is ready to begin.

When the treatment starts, you will feel a cooling sensation right away, followed by an interval of gentle heat. Ten seconds of cooling followed by twenty seconds of heating. The first four minutes is called the buildup stage, so it is gradually heating the adipose tissue. Minutes 5-25 are what we call the sustained phase. The intervals of heating and cooling will continue for the duration of the treatment. The treatment is certainly not painless, but all of our patients have tolerated the SculpSure treatment very well.

After completing your 25 minute SculpSure treatment you are able to immediately return to normal activity. There is zero downtime with this procedure. No pain, no bruising. You can go back to work, the gym or run errands… anything you want. That’s the beauty of this procedure: short treatment time and no downtime. It’s perfect for the busy lifestyle.

How Much Does SculpSure Cost?

At WIFH, if your treatment area requires between 5-8 applicators the cost is $1,200. For areas requiring four or less applicators we charge $250 per applicator (example if you needed 2 applicators the cost would be $500). We offer discounts on a second treatment of the same area if you purchase both at the same time. Keep in mind you can treat multiple areas in the same day. Schedule your free consultation at WIFH to find out if SculpSure is right for you.

Does SculpSure Actually Work?

At WIFH, we want you to completely understand the process and how it works, which is why we offer a complimentary consultation before you have your treatment. This allows us to review realistic expectations to determine if this procedure will get you to your desired results. We know SculpSure works and we could tell you how much we love SculpSure all day long, but we would rather you hear from our patients. Here are two SculpSure reviews, along with before and after photos for your consideration:

SculpSure Patient Review #1 RK

I stumbled upon SculpSure when I was investigating options for Removal of unwanted body fat, of course comparing to some other methods that are on the market, and SculpSure seemed to have the best data, the before and after pictures were better, the patient satisfaction rates seemed to be greater, and then when I met with Dr. Kulkin about the procedure I just immediately trusted him, and the procedure also seemed so safe from what I investigated.

SculpSure Before After Photos Flanks

SculpSure before and after after photos of the patient’s flank area.

So I received two treatments on my flanks, and this area was an area that probably wouldn’t bother, you know, you wouldn’t necessarily notice this area, but it was bothersome to me, it was when I would jog I could feel this flank area just jiggling above my shorts. When they turned it on it was actually very cold right at first, you could feel a cold sensation and over the next four minutes or so it starts to warm up and then it does feel pretty warm so I’m not going to say you don’t feel it, you do feel it, but it’s definitely manageable.

So it heats you up for a few seconds and then just when you think, wow this is getting pretty warm, it cools you off for another couple of seconds, so I think it’s beautifully designed. So just when you get to that point where you’re thinking it’s pretty tough, you get that little break, and then it will get a little intense again, and then it gives you that little bit of a break, and you know its 25 minutes, so if you could do that for twenty-five minutes, you’re done.

SculpSure Before After Abs

Before photos of the patient’s abdominal area.

SculpSure Before After Photos Abs

Post-procedure photos of this patient’s abdominal area after SculpSure treatment.

One of the greatest things to me about Sculpsure was that as soon as we were done, they took the applicators off, I felt completely fine. No pain, no redness, no bruising, and no nothing. Literally I could have gone to the gym, straight away, no downtime. But it is very slow and gradual, so it’s not the kind of thing that all of a sudden one day you wake up and the fats gone, but you just notice towards the end of the three months, wow my pants are fitting a little bit better, wow it’s not as jiggly when I’m jogging, but it’s a slow gradual result, and so I think you just have to have some patience.

When I look at my before and after pictures, I was thrilled, I felt the progress, I felt like my pants were looser, but when I saw that after picture by the before picture I was very impressed. I will definitely be back for more SculpSure on other body parts now that I’ve seem the results on my flanks.

SculpSure Patient Review #2 SF

So, before SculpSure I tried one other non-invasive treatment, I felt it didn’t do anything, I didn’t feel anything during the procedure so it seemed like a total waste of time to me. So, I do exercise and I watch my diet, so these areas that I chose to do with SculpSure, I just needed that last little bit of help, and so this was a nice option for me because even though my children aren’t little and they need picking up or anything like that, when I’m available they want me to be available to them, so I didn’t really want any downtime.

SculpSure Before Photos

Before photos of this patient’s abdominal and flank area.

I first heard about SculpSure doing a search, I wanted something that was noninvasive to get rid of a little bit of unwanted fat. My trouble areas I think as most women Is belly and my flank area after having kids that seems to be the most difficult area to get rid of. So, I came to Dr. Kulkin and he told me about the different procedures that they could do. Some were invasive and some were noninvasive and I told him I wanted to do a procedure that gave me no down time.

SculpSure After Photos

After photos of the same patient’s abdominal and flank area.

So, while there are other procedures that you could do, I opted for a noninvasive one with no down time, and that was SculpSure. I have done three treatments on my abs and I have done one treatments on my Flanks. So, when I came back and I got to look at my before and after photos it was real exciting because my change, I couldn’t see it in my clothing necessarily but I could see it in my photos and I felt different, so that was real exciting to actually see the photo change.

I’m most happy with my flanks, but I love the way my abs look too. I’m very satisfied I did SculpSure, I see a nice difference and I would definitely tell my friends to do it and my family has done it.

We welcome you to visit us at WIFH, to learn more about SculpSure and how it can help you get rid of that unwanted fat!


betty Jackson

Does it burn the skin in any way? Is the heat really hot? Does it help the fat like skin
that hangs like a pannus from the flank area toward the middle stomach area and if so does the skin go back to normal when the fat is destroyed or does the skin hang? that
is my main concern. I am 73 years old and I hate the way my stomach looks. I
certainly don’t like the skin fat that hangs when I sit down. Please help. Thanks

Lindsay Spires

This treatment does not burn the skin. The laser applicators lay flat on the skin and deliver heat through the skin which is absorbed by the adipose tissue (where the fat cells are housed). The treatment runs on a modulation of heating and cooling 20 seconds of heating followed by 10 seconds of cooling. The sensation that patients experience varies from person to person and it also depends on the body part being treated. I have had several areas of my body treated with SculpSure. On my abdomen I would describe the sensation similar that of an intense menstrual cramp that would come on and then go away, I didn’t experience any heating sensation. The flank area I felt a good amount of heat, but it was tolerable. My inner thighs I felt warmth along with some tingling. The treatments are super quick. We haven’t had anyone that hasn’t been able to tolerate treatment.
Your skin should remain as is after your treatment. The heat from the laser is being absorbed by the skin tissue as well, so you do get some skin tightening as a result of this treatment as well. There is literally zero downtime with this procedure, you will be able to leave and return to any activity immediately. You will need at least 2 treatments for best results. Please let me know if you have additional questions, happy to help.


I tried it today and it was PAINFUL! 3 minutes through the procedure and I was yelling at them to stop, although I usually have a good threshold of pain!

Lindsay Spires

SculpSure isn’t painless, but our patients are tolerating it really well. If we have a patient that expresses that it is getting too intense we can deliver a “cool blast” which basically delivers cooling for an extended period of time so that they can have a little break. The treatment is able to resume where it left off after the cooling is delivered. Also, during the first 4 minutes of treatment or what we call the ramp-up it is delivering a little more energy every 30 seconds so that it can gradually build up to the temperature needed to destroy the fat cells. Once patients get through those first 4 minutes their bodies and minds adjust to the sensation and they do really well. I have had this treatment and all of the areas I had treated felt different during treatment. The flanks were probably the most intense. The treatment runs on a modulation of 20 seconds of heating followed by 10 seconds of cooling. So once it started to heat up I started counting to 20 knowing that at the end I was going to get a short reprieve. I figure I can do anything for 25 minutes. I’m sorry they didn’t prepare you for what the treatment was going to feel like.

Fatima Williams

I had today the flank area treated with sculpture, I did not feel the intolerable pain as when I had lower and upper abdomen treated, I did not feel any difference btw the heating sensation, and cooling sensation, the technician held the applicators multiple times and press them against my flanks because of a repetitive sound that signal that the applicators were turning yellow, although she tried her best to fix this problem because the flank area is not flat, I had a mixed feeling. How can I tell if the flank area was treated adequately since, I felt no pain, I had no sore muscles, and no nodes couple hrs after treatment ? Thanks.

Lindsay Spires

Based on our experience each area can have a different sensation. I have personally had the treatment done on several areas of my body, each with a different sensation, so the fact that you didn’t experience the feeling of heating and cooling is ok. Do you know if your practitioner was able to increase your settings during the course of your treatment? It does happen sometimes that the applicators will lose contact if the area isn’t flat or of the frames are not well secured to the treatment area, but that doesn’t indicate that the treatment wasn’t effective. You should begin to notice a change between 6-8 weeks after treatment. Are you already scheduled for a 2nd treatment to the flank area? We always recommend at least 2 treatments for best results. Regardless of the number of treatments I would return for a follow up so that you can compare your before and after photos to see what kind of reduction you did get with the treatment. Be sure to drink lots of water, this will help you body flush the disrupted fat cells.


I had this a session a week ago for my flanks, it was painful. Yet my question is why does the flank area hurt and as if there is lumps in both areas.

Lindsay Spires

The sensation is different for everyone honestly and each area of the body can feel different as well. There is some speculation that some areas are more sensitive because the fat is more dense in that area so it absorbs the energy more. Tenderness is absolutely normal following SculpSure and so aren’t the lumps that you might be feeling under the skin. The lumps are not permanent they will re-soften and go away. Based on what you are saying I would say you got a good treatment. Keep us posted on your results. Do you have a second treatment scheduled?


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