SculpSure Body Contouring for Men

Sculpsure Body Contouring for Men

Women aren’t the only ones frustrated with stubborn areas of fat! Body contouring for men is becoming more and more popular. Men also have areas of fat that they just can’t seem to lose with diet and exercise, so they come to WIFH to look younger and fitter and regain their youthful confidence. In fact, non-invasive and minimally invasive fat reduction procedures are becoming very popular among men.

Probably the most common problem areas for men are the abdomen and flanks. With everyone’s busy lifestyle, sometimes liposuction, even minimally invasive Smartlipo, require too much downtime and inconvenience for men.

SculpSure for Men with Busy Lifestyles

SculpSure is a great procedure for men who are constantly on the go and don’t want to take any time off to get liposuction. SculpSure offers fat reduction with no downtime. Sculpsure is completely non-invasive and uses a 1060 nm wavelength diode laser to heat and destroy fat cells while cooling the skin with a contact cooling system, leaving the skin completely unharmed with up to 24% less fat (with each treatment) in those trouble spots. The laser’s heat also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, leaving the skin looking and feeling firmer.

Sculpsure can be used safely on most areas of the body like the flanks, abdomen, arms and thighs. Since the procedure is non-invasive and involves no anesthesia men have this 25-minute procedure done and return to work and exercise immediately, with zero downtime.

What to Expect with SculpSure

We recommend drinking lots of water post-procedure to help aid your body as it processes the degraded fat cell (they are removed by your bodies lymphatic system). It is also recommended that you massage the treated area twice a day for 5 minutes each time for the first 10 days following treatment. Though patients might experience some mild tenderness like the feeling of a bruise, the tenderness should be very slight and not affect any daily activities.

Any patient looking at SculpSure as a solution for stubborn fat should take note that they will need at least 2 treatments for optimal results. Patients will typically see final results from each treatment at around 12 weeks following the procedure. Pricing for this procedure can vary depending on where you go. At WIFH, we price our SculpSure treatments per area (example of an area is flanks), we can use up to 8 applicators to treat the area for $1,995 and we often have specials as well. It’s totally worth it for the reduction of unwanted fat with absolutely no downtime at all.

Free Consultation – Refer a Friend!

At WIFH, we offer a free consultation to  anyone interested in SculpSure or any of our procedures or see some of these patient reviews. We welcome you to visit or call WIFH today to find out if SculpSure is the right solution for you or a man in your life seeking to get rid of unwanted fat without disrupting their busy lifestyle.


Terry Roberts

I came in for Smart Lipo Evaluation a while back. I was considering cool sculturing. Tried one treatment. Just don’t think it will help me. What is your current price for smart lipo?

Lindsay Spires

While SculpSure will provide you with a reduction in the fat in the treated area it would not be comparable results to Smartlipo. You shouldn’t expect surgical results from a non surgical procedure. That being said depending on the amount of reduction you are looking for SculpSure may be a great option for you. You will definitely need at least 2 treatments for the best results. Depending on the area being treated each treatment can reduce the fat by up to 24%, so with 2 treatments you could reduce the area by almost 50%. I always stress the up to part as we are relying on your body to process and get rid of the damaged fat cells for us verses Smartlipo where we are manually removing the fat cells. So the variable in the amount of reduction you will see with SculpSure is you. SculpSure’s results are proven so the technology does work for sure. Whether this procedure is right for you will depend on how much reduction you really want and how long you are will to wait to see results. I’ve personally had this procedure done and saw nice results. You can always come in for a free consultation that way we can give you realistic expectations as far as results go with each of these procedures and then you can decide for yourself. Let me know if you have additional questions. Happy to help.

Lindsay Spires

We don’t have set prices for your Smartlipo procedure, rather pricing is done on a case by case basis depending on what you need. I would recommend scheduling another consultation so that we can take another look and provide you with a quote. We look forward to seeing you again soon.


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