Reasons to Get Rid of that Unwanted Tattoo

Do you have a tattoo that you’re ashamed of, can’t bare to look at, or the meaning of it doesn’t resonate with who you are anymore?

It doesn’t matter why or how you got that tattoo. Maybe you had a little too much to drink, wanted to rebel against your parents, or thought you had found the love of your life, but it ultimately didn’t work out. Lucky for you, if you are feeling remorseful over your unwanted ink, modern laser tattoo removal technology has made it much safer and easier to get rid of that eyesore.

Reasons to Get Laser Tattoo Removal

Below are a few reasons that might sound familiar to you as to why you got your tattoo, and why it’s a good idea for you to consider laser tattoo removal:

  1. Tattoos lose their significance: It might have sounded good at the time to get that tattoo honoring your favorite band, sports team, or organization, but 10 years later you’re probably wondering what on Earth you were thinking and why that tattoo was so important to you at the time.
  2. That Ink Doesn’t Look Good During Your Job Interview: People with highly visible tattoos sometimes struggle to land jobs in high ranking positions within the corporate world. Those who are fortunate enough to get hired with all that ink sometimes find it difficult to climb the promotional ladder. We are finding that the military as well as police departments are becoming a lot more strict about visible tattoos.
  3. “For Better or For Worse” Took a Turn for the Worse: Getting a tattoo of someone you’re in a relationship with is a Cardinal Sin in the tattoo industry. And historically has been the kiss of death to the relationship. At WIFH, we’ve removed countless tattoos of the names of ex-wives and boyfriends/girlfriends after the relationship went south.

For more information about tattoo removal and the results we’ve gotten for our Atlanta patients, click here or call (404) 832-0300.

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