Preparing for Laser Hair Removal

Preparing for Laser Hair Removal

Steps to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal at WIFH

You’ve decided to begin laser hair removal treatments, to make your grooming routine easier. Laser hair removal is a great option for reducing or eliminating unwanted hair on places like your face, armpits, chest, back, bikini area, arms, and legs.

Before you go through the actual process, you should be prepared, so you know exactly what the procedure entails and how to handle every part of it. If you’ve taken steps to prepare for laser hair removal, recovery time is minimal and the treatment can be even more effective.

Do Your Research Before Scheduling Your Treatment

Technically laser hair removal falls under the umbrella of aesthetic treatments. Regulation on this service varies from state to state. Some require that the laser operators have a laser license and are overseen by the state medical board; however there are many states that have no regulation on this industry at all.

While laser hair removal carries minimal risk, complications can and do happen, including burns. For this reason you should select a facility that has a doctor either on-site or who can be easily reached in the event you need medical treatment.

You also want an experienced doctor or medical professional to tell you if you are a good candidate for laser hair removal based on variables such as skin type, hair color and physical condition.

Weeks Before: Avoid the Sun

Many people choose to have laser hair removal done during the fall and winter months. That’s not just because they wish to have their hair eliminated or reduced before swimsuit season comes back around. Not all lasers are safe for all skin tones, so be sure that you select a facility that has a laser that can safely treat your skin type.

Longer wavelengths are typically used to treat darker skin types, as it can bypass the color in the skin and only target the color found in the hair. An example of a longer wavelength laser is the YAG laser, it is a 1064nm wavelength laser. It can really treat all skin types, but it is the most effective for darker skin types. Conversely, shorter wavelengths, like the 755 Alexandrite laser are more effective for lighter skin types with dark hair.

Because the shorter wavelengths see all color, individuals using this type of laser need to avoid sun exposure during the process or they risk possible hyperpigmentation or worse a burn. Sunscreen should be used on all skin types all the time, but very important while you are having laser hair removal. If you have had recent sun exposure or you can see a visible tan rescheduling your laser hair removal treatment would be advised..

Weeks to Days Before: Don’t Wax – Shave

Waxing and plucking can reduce the effectiveness of your laser treatment, so don’t use these methods to get rid of the hairs for at least a week or two before treatment. Bleaching is OK, since you are only removing the color of the hair on the surface of the skin, the hair within the follicle will maintain its pigment.

The best way to remove your hair before having your laser hair removal treatment is to shave. With laser hair removal you don’t want any surface hair because laser energy converts to heat energy and when hair gets hot it singes which can damage or hurt your skin. It is best to shave the day of or the day before your appointment.

Right Before: Clean Your Skin, Choose Your Clothes

Before your laser hair removal treatment, make sure you skin is clean and free of makeup, lotions, creams, and deodorant. With regard to clothing, you’ll want to make sure they’re loose-fitting or leave the areas to be treated exposed to air. Your skin may be sensitive after your procedure, so you don’t want to be wearing anything tight or abrasive.

During the Appointment: What to Expect

Laser hair removal is not painless. Depending on the facility you visit they may be able to call in a prescription numbing cream, which you can apply prior to treatment. The area being treated should be clean shaven. Depending on the facility you have chosen they could have their own list of instructions on laser hair removal preparation. It is important to follow these to ensure your safety and best results.

Laser hair removal can improve your life by ridding you of unwanted hair, giving you more confidence and requiring less daily maintenance on your skin. However, it isn’t a process to be undertaken lightly, as there are risks and side effects. Follow your doctor’s orders, and make sure you’re prepared, so that you can speed your recovery and get the best results possible.

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