New Year, New You: Laser Lipo for Weight Loss Acceleration

New Year, New You: Laser Lipo for Weight Loss Acceleration

Weight loss can be difficult, especially targeted weight loss, when certain areas of the body just will not respond to diet and exercise. Though liposuction might seem extreme for some people, laser-assisted lipo could provide a minimally invasive solution to your weight loss woes.

People look to minimally invasive surgical procedures to help transform their bodies for many different reasons. In fact, these procedures are not just for individuals that need to lose weight; many patients at their ideal body weight still have areas of unwanted fat.

These areas of unwanted fat can show up differently for different people as well. For some, their trouble areas are the hereditary double chin or flabby arms. For others, unwanted fat concentrates around the belly area, whether they have had children or not. Men also have problem areas they sometimes want to address with minimally invasive surgical procedures, the most common being the chest, abs, and flanks. So, if you are hoping to get rid of unwanted fat in your trouble area(s) but do not want to undergo major lipo surgery, you are not alone.

One minimally invasive procedure known as Smartlipo, or laser assisted liposuction, is great for addressing unwanted fat in any area of the body: thighs, bra fat, abs, arms, chins, chest, etc. Best of all, it is minimally invasive and one of the most effective laser lipo solutions.

How Smartlipo Works

The Smartlipo procedure uses a laser to gently melt the fat before it is suctioned from the body. During the procedure, the area will be numbed with local anesthesia, you will be awake during the procedure, but feeling now pain. Since the fat is melted, tiny instruments can be used, thus preventing excessive tissue trauma, leading to minimal downtime. Moreover, the heat from the laser elicits skin tightening which reduces the chances for loose skin which is a common problem after fat loss.

Smartlipo is minimally invasive, which means there is little to no downtime afterward. You will be up and moving the same day and next day. You should expect to be very sore, but this shouldn’t keep you from doing normal activities (going up and downstairs, work, etc). This tenderness can last for several days and up to several weeks post procedure. This will vary person to person. It is very realistic to have this procedure done on a Friday and go back to work on Monday. For most areas a compression garment is required to be worn for three weeks. In about one month you will start to see the results from your Smartlipo procedure and they will continue to improve for up to six months post procedure, but even at one you are looking pretty darn good.

Smartlipo: Targeted Weight Loss Solution

Smartlipo is not a weight loss procedure per se, but it will help to reduce the circumference of the unwanted area, even if the results do not have a huge impact on the numbers showing up on the scale. You will see and feel the reduction and notice a major difference in the way this area of your body looks and feels, i.e. your clothes will fit better, and, in many cases, you will drop dress and pant sizes.

Some patients hoping to lose weight but are having a hard time getting motivated will have Smartlipo done to kickstart their weight loss.  They have the procedure done and see how great they are beginning to look, so it motivates them to stay on track with their diet and exercise. Losing weight after lipo will just enhance the results of any diet and exercise regimen you have already started.

Other patients choose to lose weight before having Smartlipo, using it to take care of those stubborn areas that they just cannot seem to diet and exercise away.

Managing Smartlipo Expectations

Regardless of when and why you decide to do Smartlipo, it’s important to have the right expectations about how much weight you can lose through laser lipo. As previously mentioned, you should not elect to get the Smartlipo procedure done if your sole goal it to see a lower number on the scale. Fat does not weigh as much as muscle, as you know.

To give an example of what we mean by that, if you think about a cappuccino coffee with the frothy foam on top (in this example the foam is the fat). Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that your frothy cappuccino weighs six ounces. You scoop the foam off the top, and you weigh it again, odds are that it will weigh about the same. However, the important difference is that you now have more room in the cup without that foam. You shouldn’t expect the scale to drop 20 pounds from Smartlipo alone. If you combine Smartlipo with diet and exercise, you could drop large numbers from the scale.

That being said, you can expect to lose several inches off of the area that you have treated just by having Smartlipo done. Several inches can equal a drop-in pant and dress size, and for most people, that is a major win.


If you are interested in learning more about Smartlipo and whether you are a good candidate, call or visit WIFH for a free consultation. Our experienced staff will give you all the information you need so that you know what to expect from a Smartlipo procedure.

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