New Facial Alert: The Double Oxygen Facial

New Facial Alert The Double Oxygen Facial

Get ready to glow!

This celebrity favorite is often referred to as the “red carpet facial,” because it leaves your skin looking and feeling revived and luminous. Our exclusive oxygen facials are tailored to meet the needs of any and every skin type. It’s the perfect facial for upcoming event prep and treating congested skin, hormonal breakouts, dry dehydrated skin, aging skin, and dull skin. The Double Oxygen Facial can be done as frequently as every month and offers instant gratification as well as long lasting results.

At WIFH, we use the Karin Herzog brand of oxygen-based products. We are the only Med Spa in Georgia to offer products from this elite Swiss-made product line.

What does oxygen do for your skin?

Our skin needs oxygen to function properly and even to produce collagen, one of the building blocks of healthy skin tissue. Active oxygen has the ability to deeply cleanse, fight bacteria, repair skin cells, hydrate the skin, fight signs of aging, kill acne-causing bacteria, lighten pigment, and reduce redness caused by rosacea–a long list of benefits!

What can you expect from a Double Oxygen Facial?


Each of our oxygen facials begins with a thorough cleanse and exfoliation. The exfoliation step will depend on your skin’s specific needs and varies from dermaplaning to a customized chemical peel.


Following exfoliation, we apply a stabilized active oxygen pack to soften the skin and debris within the pores. The oxygen cream basically creates a vacuum effect, pushing debris, bacteria, and any pore congestion to the surface, prepping the skin for the next step of extractions.


While we all need extractions from time to time, they can be painful and uncomfortable and leave your skin red and marked. Extractions following the application of active oxygen, however, are effortless and comfortable. This gives us the ability to thoroughly decongest your pores, leaving them clearer and cleaner than you ever thought possible. The natural antiseptic properties of the oxygen will also prevent any chance of post-facial breakouts.


After completing extractions, we apply soothing facial oils and serums and then a mask. Following the mask, we spray a stream of vitamin-infused, medical grade oxygen to reveal your beautiful, smooth, polished, and flawless skin.

What are you waiting for?

Call or visit WIFH today for our complimentary, no obligation consultation, or to schedule your appointment for an exclusive Double Oxygen Facial. You will be amazed by how glowingly refreshed your skin will look and feel!

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