Experience miraDry® Ultra Comfort Technology at WIFH

miraDry Ultra Comfort Technology at WIFH

miraDry®: What is Ultra Comfort Technology?

For people who suffer from excessive underarm sweat and odor, miraDry® is a game changer. This procedure has given confidence to people who had social anxiety as a result of their sweating issue, and has made life more comfortable for them on a daily basis. miraDry® is safe, clinically proven, FDA-approved, permanent procedure to reduce underarm sweat and odor. The process utilizes a hand piece, which is suction-applied to your skin to deliver electromagnetic energy or microwaves to disable the sweat and odor glands in the underarm region.

miraDry® Elsewhere

Prior to miraDry®, the only options for people to curb their excessive underarm sweat were topical medications, prescription anti-perspirants, Botox injections or invasive surgery. miraDry® came to market in early 2011 and offers a permanent fix, that is easy, fast and non-invasive. Most offices offering miraDry® sell it as a 2-session procedure because of the numbing technique they use.

Because miraDry® is delivering microwave energy to cause thermal necrosis of the glands, a local anesthetic is necessary to make the treatment comfortable. At other facilities this requires a series of lidocaine shots to block the nerves. This can take up to 100 shots in each underarm! Ouch. Even then, this technique does not provide a complete block because the lidocaine remains very localized so most patients aren’t able to tolerate high settings, which are needed for best results. We knew there had to be a better way.

Ultra Comfort Technology

That’s why our office has found a better, gentler way, we call it “Ultra Comfort Technology“ because it completely numbs the underarms without using a series of lidocaine injections, in fact there is only one lidocaine shot in each underarm. Dr. Kulkin utilizes the same technique he has been using for years with our liposuction cases. He uses a tumescent technique to infuse a numbing fluid under the skin providing a complete block of the nerves. This approach requires a single lidocaine injection in each underarm.

After the one injection a tiny cannula is inserted under the skin to deliver the numbing fluid. This fluid creates a numbing pillow, a cooling zone between the skin and the nerves, which provides a complete block.

miraDry Treatment Atlanta GA

Because it is so effective, we’re able to use the highest setting the miraDry® device allows. The use of the highest setting destroys more sweat and odor glands in one single treatment than two treatments using the series of lidocaine injections that most offices utilize. The results are life changing.

The WIFH Difference

Because of our ultra comfort technology, we offer a painless, stress-free experience. And, we can disable the sweat and odor glands in just one, two-hour treatment. After your single session, you’ll experience a 70-90 percent reduction in your sweat and odor – permanently.

Recovery is easy, and results are immediate. We are proud to have a 100% patient satisfaction rate with miraDry®. Some of our patients have been so thrilled with their results that they opt for a second procedure to see if they can achieve 100% elimination of their underarm sweat.

With miraDry® we have been able to change the lives of hundreds of people. Our Ultra Comfort Technology makes miraDry® the most effective way to eliminate underarm sweat and odor. Stop letting underarm sweat and odor control your life. There is a simple, safe, painless, non-invasive, no-downtime procedure to stop your underarm sweat and odor. Don’t wait another day!

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