Experience How the miraDry Treatment Helps Reduce Excess Sweating

How miraDry Treatment Helps Prevent Excess Sweating

If you’ve experienced the embarrassment and discomfort of excessive underarm sweating, then you’ve probably researched how to rid yourself of this annoying burden. You may have even come across miraDry as a way to reduce sweating and odor; the symptoms of hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is a condition in which patients experience excessive underarm sweat. This condition affects a huge number of people and can really be crippling to your self-esteem and your desire to participate in social interactions.

For the best excessive sweating treatment to reduce the effects of hyperhidrosis, look no further than miraDry. MiraDry is an awesome procedure to permanently reduce underarm sweat and odor for both men and women.

How miraDry Works

miraDry is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that uses microwaves to destroy the sweat and odor glands located in the underarm area. Once destroyed, those glands do not regenerate, so the reduction you get with miraDry is permanent. While it may not destroy 100% of the sweat and odor glands, it destroys a large majority with most patients reporting an 82% reduction in sweat and odor, based on the national average.

The miraDry Procedure

The administering of the miraDry procedure can vary from office to office. Many offices still use a series of lidocaine injections to topically numb the area prior to treatment. This method doesn’t provide a total nerve block, so patients aren’t able to tolerate high settings during treatment. This can unfortunately make the treatment less effective, resulting in the need for a second procedure.

At WIFH we use a tumescent technique to numb the area. This method infuses a numbing fluid under the surface of the skin, creating a numbing pillow, so there is a barrier between skin and the underlying nerves. This provides a total nerve block, and we are able to use the highest setting available on the miraDry device. With the use of the highest setting, most of our patients (about 87%) only need one treatment.

The procedure takes about 45 minutes for each side. Because there is no sedation involved, patients are able to drive themselves home following their procedure.

miraDry Results

miraDry has a very high patient satisfaction rate. Most people who get miraDry have tried just about every remedy available to treat their excessive sweating and odor, and they all say this is the best treatment for excessive underarm sweat, resulting in a 70 to 90% reduction in sweat and odor production after just one treatment.

You will notice results immediately with continued improvement up to three to four months following the procedure.

Cost of miraDry

The cost of miraDry can vary widely between offices. This is in large part to how the procedure is performed, lidocaine shots versus tumescent numbing. Some offices may also include a second procedure in their price if they are using lidocaine injections, as we mentioned before this technique is not as effective and commonly requires two treatments to achieve optimal results.  At WIFH we have patients come in for a free consultation.

If you choose to move forward with the procedure at WIFH, the cost of the first procedure is $2,650. If you should need a second procedure, the cost for that procedure is $995; however, most of our patients see a 70 to 90% reduction in sweat and odor production after the first treatment. We also offer monthly specials, so be sure to ask when you call or you can visit our special offers page.

Life-Changing Treatment for Excessive Sweating

We love miraDry at WIFH. Its life changing for people who have suffered from excessive sweating as a result of hyperhidrosis: They can now wear shirts other than black, and they don’t have to think about having an extra shirt on hand or hugging someone for fear their pits would be wet or have an odor. This treatment makes a huge difference for people, and we love hearing their transformation stories.

Call or visit WIFH today for your free miraDry consultation!

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