Minimally Invasive Fat Removal Procedures: Smartlipo for the Win

Minimally-Invasive Fat Removal Procedures

Before we begin talking about minimally invasive fat removal procedures, let’s be clear that ‘minimally invasive’ should not be confused with ‘non-invasive.’ Minimally invasive procedures do require entering the skin, versus non-invasive fat removal procedures, which are purely topical.

That being said, there are many different options for minimally invasive fat removal procedures. Let’s take a look at three of the common procedures. All three are less damaging to the surrounding tissue and are less invasive than traditional liposuction, but all three are surgical procedures that will have some downtime, albeit minimal.


Vaser uses ultrasound technology for fat removal. The ultrasound, or sound, waves send out high frequency vibrations to break apart the fat cells—kind of like a crowbar, if you will. Once the fat cells are dismantled, suction or aspiration is applied, and the fat cells are removed.

Hydro Lipo

Hydro Lipo, also known as Waterlipo or Aqualipo, uses powered water to blast apart the fat cells, and then the fat cells are removed through aspiration or suction.


Smartlipo is laser-assisted liposuction. The term ‘laser lipo’ has become very loosely used to describe other procedures, but most of the ‘laser lipo’ procedures are topical, unlike Smartlipo. Smartlipo is minimally invasive, meaning tiny punctures are placed in the skin as part of the procedure. The laser is then used to melt the unwanted fat, and then this liquefied fatty fluid is suctioned out of the body. Smartlipo is the only minimally invasive fat removal procedure that also tightens the skin from deep tissue heating, which is why we choose Smartlipo at WIFH for our patients.

What to Expect from Minimally Invasive Fat Removal Procedures

All three of these procedures require small openings be placed in the skin. Each uses a technology to break up, dislodge, or destroy the fat before connecting aspiration and suctioning out the fat.  All of these procedures can be done under local anesthesia, but this is really determined by the surgeon performing the procedure.

Even though they are minimally invasive, they are still surgical procedures, and you should expect soreness and swelling. Normally you’ll begin seeing results once the swelling goes down, which is typically 3-4 weeks after the procedure. You will continue to look better and better over the coming months and should expect to see the full results around 6 months post-procedure. All of these should be one-time procedures. However, the only procedure of the three that offers skin tightening is Smartlipo.

Benefits and What to Expect from Smartlipo

We choose Smartlipo at WIFH, because it is the only minimally invasive procedure that also tightens the skin after it destroys and removes unwanted fat. During the Smartlipo procedure, you will be wide-awake and talking, but the treated area will be numb, so you will just feel some pressure and movement. Your comfort is our top priority.

All of our patients are able to walk out of our office and many even drive themselves home after their Smartlipo procedure. The tiny instruments used during Smartlipo ensure that there is no unnecessary tissue damage, and you will love your results. Not only will your unwanted fat be removed, but your skin will also be tighter and firmer!

Call or visit WIFH for your free consultation with Dr. Kulkin, and find out if Smartlipo is right for you. Or explore some of these Smartlipo before and after photos of patients who have visited WIFH for their procedure.

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