Michelle Obama’s Arms Spark Increase in Liposuction and Arm Lifts

How does the First Lady of the United States manage a hectic schedule as the wife of the leader of the free world, taking care of the First Family, and juggling diplomatic assignments and keep her arms so toned!

Michelle Obama’s arms have gotten a lot of recent attention and has sparked an increase in cosmetic procedures like liposuction and arm lifts to get that same great look.

According to Michelle herself, she begins her day with an early morning workout at the gym. In an interview with iVillage, Michelle says her daily grind begins at 4:30AM, waking up to do some exercises before her kids wake up for school. She also takes to the road for a run, and jumps rope to stay fit.

Michelle’s workout regimen has inspired thousands to get their arms in shape in more ways than one. Fitness trainer Kathy Smith, who has produced several workout DVDs, says that many people are becoming health conscious because of the First Lady’s muscular arms. For those who want to achieve Michelle-esque arms the natural way, Kathy advises people to enroll in to classes – strength training and cardio training.

For those who want to take a faster route to gaining arms to be proud of, they’ve taken the liposuction route.

There are various liposuction techniques that aim in getting the flab out of a person’s arms. Many of them involve local anesthesia in numbing the target area and the application of laser technology to melt the fat away.

At WIFH, our modern Smartlipo laser assisted liposuction technique provides a safe, efficient means for getting the arms you’ve always wanted. Smartlipo is perfect for people with busy schedules, because it requires less time for the procedure and less time to heal, as compared to its traditional liposuction counterpart. Additional, Smartlipo offers the benefit of skin tightening that other liposuction procedures don’t. So not only are you getting rid of those flabby arms you’re also tightening the skin and that’s a Win-Win!

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