Struggling to Lose Belly Fat? Try SculpSure

Struggling to Lose Body Fat Try SculpSure

If you’re having trouble losing belly fat, you’re not alone. Belly fat is the most stubborn and difficult to lose for most people—both women and men. However, even with diet and exercise, stubborn belly fat can seem nearly impossible to lose.

There can be many factors at play when you’re struggling to lose belly fat. For women the culprit can be hormonal. For anyone, belly fat can hang on because of a sedentary job, eating the wrong foods, too much alcohol consumption, or hereditary weight gain.

When diet and exercise just aren’t working, and you’re still struggling to lose belly fat, rather than throw in the towel and give up you might consider a non-invasive fat reduction procedure like SculpSure.

About SculpSure Treatment

SculpSure is one of many non-invasive body contouring procedures on the market. It is actually the first non-invasive warm laser treatment for fat reduction that has been FDA approved. The SculpSure device is hypothermic, which means it uses heat to destroy unwanted fat cells, leaving you with up to 24% less fat after the procedure.

At WIFH before having your procedure you will have a complimentary consultation to review your medical history and your expectations for this procedure to be sure this is the right procedure for you. We will place plastic frame templates to find out how many applicators will be needed to deliver the best results for your desired treatment area. Many patients can have their procedure done the same day as their consultation!

During the procedure, the laser targets the fat cells within the adipose tissue located below the skin. The controlled energy disrupts the fat cells and surrounding tissue, and over time, the body naturally eliminates the destroyed fat cells through the lymphatic system. While the heat is working to destroy the fat, a contact cooling system keeps the surface of the skin cool. The laser’s heat also helps to stimulate elastin and collagen production, which are the building blocks of healthy skin tissue. Thus, the procedure will leave your skin firmer than before.

Treatments take 25 minutes (to run 4 applicators-if you are using more applicators additional time will be added), and most patients feel varying sensations of warmth but most are generally comfortable during the treatment. Since the procedure does not require anesthesia, there is zero downtime with SculpSure. In fact, you can return to work immediately and even exercise right after your treatment.


We recommend after the procedure that you drink lots of water to stay hydrated and massage the treated area twice a day for 5 minutes—at least for the first 10 days after your treatment. You might experiences some mild tenderness as if you had a bruise, but most patients agree any tenderness is very, very mild and did not affect their ability to take part in any activities.

It can take 10-12 weeks to see full results from your SculpSure treatment. Two body contouring treatments are recommended for best results.

Visit or Call WIFH for Your Free SculpSure Consultation!

Our website offers detailed information on how SculpSure works and can answer more of your questions. You can learn more by visiting our SculpSure page. We also welcome you to schedule a free consultation and visit us in person to learn more.

SculpSure is a great solution for anyone struggling to lose belly fat and it might just be the solution you’ve been searching for.



Do you have packages for 2-3 treatments for the SculpSure? If so can you provide that info? I am interested in the flanks and back area. Was also wondering how soon you do a follow up treatment? Do you guarantee results for the SculpSure? Know this will take 2-3 treatments wanted to compare the cost to smartlipo which is all done at one time?

Lindsay Spires

This month we are offering a special on SculpSure, BOGO. Buy 1 treatment, get your 2nd treatment for the same area free. The cost is $1,995 and we can use up to 8 applicators to treat the area. I would recommend coming in for a consultation so that we can assess the areas you are looking to treat. We like to wait 8-10 weeks between treatments, meaning from treatment one to treatment 2. Please let me know if you have additional questions or if you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kulkin. Thanks, Lindsay


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